Shure BLX288/PG58 Dual Wireless Handheld Microphone System


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Experience professional-quality audio with the Shure BLX288/PG58 dual wireless microphone system. Featuring industry-leading Shure PG58 vocal capsules, this system delivers rich, full-bodied vocal reproduction with tailored frequency response for natural voice capture. The included BLX2 handheld transmitters boast a sleek, ergonomic design for comfortable handling. With wide tuning in the J10 band, these mics offer flexible frequency selection for reliable performance in any environment.

Clear, Powerful Vocals

At the heart of this system are two legendary Shure PG58 cardioid dynamic vocal capsules. Known for their detailed midrange and vocal presence boost, PG58 capsules excel at bringing vocals to the forefront. The tailored frequency response accentuates the fundamental vocal range for a bold yet natural sound. Vocals come through with clarity and warmth to connect with your audience.

Ergonomic Transmitter Design

Shure optimized the BLX2 transmitter for fatigue-free handling. The tapered grip section allows for multiple hold options while the slight wedge profile aids in mic orientation. The transmitters feel well-balanced and comfortable in hand. Diecast zinc alloy construction ensures the mics can withstand rigorous use night after night.

Efficient Setup and Operation

With BLX288 wireless, getting up and running is quick and hassle-free. The J10 frequency band has ample spectrum availability, providing many clear channels for easy setup at any venue. One-touch QuickScan finds open frequencies automatically while IR sync pairs transmitters to receivers in seconds. The intuitive interface enables fast adjustments and monitoring. Up to 12 compatible systems can operate simultaneously for expanded coverage.

Reliable Wireless Performance

You can count on BLX288 wireless to deliver rock-solid transmission each time you take the stage. Advanced filtering and high RF output prevent interference and dropouts even in crowded RF environments. The transmitters maintain signal stability up to 300 feet from the rackmount receiver. The metal construction shields the circuity from unwanted pickup. With up to 14 hours of battery life, you can make it through marathon performances.

Key Features:

  • Dual PG58 handheld wireless mic system ideal for lead/backup vocals
  • PG58 capsules reproduce rich vocals with tailored frequency response
  • Sleek BLX2 transmitters designed for ergonomic handling comfort
  • Wide 30 MHz tuning range (up to 36 compatible frequencies) in J10 band
  • QuickScan finds clean frequencies automatically for easy setup
  • Transferable 1-year limited warranty from a brand you can trust

Legendary PG58 Vocal Reproduction:

Since its introduction in the 1960s, the Shure PG58 has earned a reputation as a go-to vocal microphone. Its tailored frequency response accentuates the midrange for clear, pronounced vocals. The punchy upper midrange adds intensity and presence to cut through loud mixes. At the same time, the low midrange is contoured for a full-bodied sound. PG58 capsules handle high SPLs gracefully for powerful projection without distortion. The cardioid polar pattern picks up sound from directly in front while rejecting unwanted noise from the rear.

Maximum Vocal Clarity and Control

The PG58 capsule achieves a highly focused cardioid pattern to isolate the vocal signal. Off-axis tone coloration is minimized compared to wider patterns. Proximity effect is well controlled to allow consistent sound as you move closer or further from the mic. Plosives are suppressed to prevent distracting popping. Vocals come across with detail and intelligibility to connect with your fans.

Rugged Construction for Touring Use

Beneath the iconic steel mesh grille, the PG58 employs durable construction to withstand nightly abuse. The steel mesh grille, diecast zinc alloy cover, and hardened steel basket can take bumps, drops, and impacts on stage. The shock mount limits handling noise for a clean mix. The humbucking coil prevents electromagnetic interference, even next to speaker cabinets. Shure built the PG58 to deliver top-notch performance gig after gig.

Classic Sound, Modern Functionality

While retaining the coveted PG58 sound signature, BLX288 wireless brings modern enhancements for better performance. The BLX2 transmitters incorporate Shure’s decades of wireless expertise, including effective RF filtering and optimized components. Features like QuickScan frequency setup and lithium-ion rechargeability make BLX288 wireless easy to use on the go. Rugged metal construction improves durability over standard plastic models. Carry the legacy of the iconic PG58 into the future of wireless.

Ergonomic BLX2 Transmitter Design:

After extensive research, Shure shaped the BLX2 transmitter for natural, comfortable handling. The tapered grip fits nicely in the hand while allowing personalized hold positions. Grab it like a traditional handheld microphone or choke up for additional control. The wedge profile angles the microphone head for better visibility. Buttons are conveniently located for easy access. The transmitter construction balances durability with lightweight comfort.

Hours of Comfort on Stage

The BLX2 transmitters are optimized for fatigue-free use during long performances. Weighing just 13.5 oz including battery, the mics feel light yet substantial. The shape enables a gentle, relaxed grip without strain. Grooved contours provide a slip-resistant surface when hands get sweaty under hot stage lights. Even after hours of continual motion, your hands stay comfortable.

Road-ready Durability

BLX2 transmitters are engineered with robust parts to handle life on the road. The diecast zinc alloy outer shell protects internal components from damage without adding excess weight. The hardened steel grille, tested up to rigorous flex testing standards, maintains its shape gig after gig. The battery compartment and battery are fully isolated from the electronics. With proven resilience, BLX2 mics deliver dependable performance every night and at every stop of the tour.

Quick, Seamless Frequency Setup

With BLX288 wireless, getting up and running quickly is painless. The built-in QuickScan function scans for the clearest frequencies in your location and sets an open channel automatically. Just power up and let the transmitter and receiver sync via IR, and you’re ready for soundcheck in seconds. BLX2 transmitters enable adjustments like gain and mute from the mic, while LEDs confirm settings. Monitoring battery life is easy with the 3-segment LED indicator.

Clean Wireless Operation

BLX288 wireless delivers proven Shure reliability show after show. Advanced filtering prevents interference from TV stations and RF devices. Even in challenging environments with many active wireless systems, signal stability stays strong. The metal transmitter construction prevents unwanted RF leakage and susceptibility. With a range reaching over 300 feet, you can move freely knowing your signal comes through loud and clear.

Grab a Complete Live Sound Package

This BLX288 wireless microphone system comes packaged with everything you need to amplify your vocals. The bundle includes a microphone stand for each transmitter, so you can go from box to stage in minutes. Soft cases with customizable foam provide safe transport and storage. The bundle even includes Shure AAA batteries to power up and test the mics right away. Just open the box, set up, and start the show.

Trust Your Vocals to a Proven Brand

With over 90 years of audio innovations, Shure has the experience that professionals trust night after night. Rigorous testing ensures unwavering quality and reliability, even under abusive conditions. Every BLX system is backed by a 1-year limited warranty and free technical support. For wireless that delivers for every performance, choose the brand that has helped define the industry standard.


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