Shinco Handheld Microphone – Professional Wired Vocal Mic for Clear Audio


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Whether you’re an aspiring singer, experienced entertainer, or casual karaoke fan, a quality microphone is essential for your performance. This handheld mic from Shinco is designed to provide crisp, clear vocals to any sound system. Made with robust metal construction and convenient controls, it’s the ideal mic for diverse applications.

Premium Sound Capture for Vocals

The heart of any great vocal performance is quality sound capture. This Shinco microphone uses a cardioid pickup pattern to isolate your voice from surrounding noise. It focuses directly on the audio source directly in front, filtering out feedback and ambient sounds.

The result is clear reproduction of your natural vocal tones. You’ll get professional-sounding results whether you’re singing or speaking into the mic. It’s perfect for everything from live music to speeches and podcasts.

Rugged, Ergonomic Design

Built from solid metal with a tapered handle, this mic is made to last through even the most energetic stage performances. The thick grille protects the inner capsule from accidental drops or impacts. An internal shock mount isolates the capsule to minimize handling noise.

The non-slip grip fits comfortably in your hand. It reduces fatigue so you can perform longer without strain or discomfort. An attached 13 foot cable gives you plenty of length to move around without risk of yanking the connector loose.

Plug and Play Convenience

Setup is fast and hassle-free with this wired microphone. No batteries or external power source required – just plug it into any device with a 1/4″ or 1/8″ jack input. Use the included adapter to connect it to smartphones, tablets, laptops, amps, mixing boards and more.

An external ON/OFF switch lets you mute the mic without having to unplug the cable between uses. LED lights indicate power status and audio activity levels. Overall, it offers easy operation even for beginner users.

Enhance Any Sound System

The cardioid polar pattern on this mic is excellent for acoustic instruments or vocals. It’s commonly used for live music and recording due to clear sound reproduction and feedback rejection.

You’ll get professional results whether you’re singing through a karaoke machine, basic PA system, or high-end mixer. Use it to improve audio for church services, business meetings, or podcast recordings. It’s also great for interviews, voiceovers, vlogs and other vocal applications.

For expanded connectivity, a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter is included to work with both size jacks. Just switch cables to match your equipment.

Robust Construction for Stage Use

Built for reliable performance and rugged portability, this Shinco mic is ideal for working vocalists and touring bands. The all-metal handle withstands being tossed into a mic bag or stand night after night.

It’s ready to capture your best vocal performances whether you’re rocking a packed nightclub or busking on the street. An external ON/OFF switch prevents unwanted noise when swapping mics on a live stage.

While designed with live gigs in mind, it works equally well for home use. Plug it into your karaoke machine or computer to record demos and improve your skills. The microphone is built to last through years of enjoyment.

Key Features

– Cardioid pickup pattern focuses on sound source directly in front

– Minimal handling noise from internal shock mount

– Rugged metal handle for durability

– 13ft attached cable for free movement

– External ON/OFF switch for quick muting

– LED indicator lights show power status

– Works with 1/4″ or 1/8″ jacks (adapter included)

– No batteries or phantom power required

Upgrade Your Audio for Any Event

This wired vocal mic is ideal for DJs, bands, performers, karaoke fans, and anyone who wants better audio. The cardioid pattern captures pure, focused sound directly from the source. It’s especially effective at rejecting feedback and isolating vocals.

Whether you’re hosting an event at church, school, home, or even a street corner, this mic enhances the audience experience. The rugged metal build is road-ready for working musicians on a budget. Uncompromising audio quality makes it a smart upgrade for any PA system.

Experience the clarity and richness of your own voice like never before. The Shinco handheld mic delivers professional performance in an affordable and user-friendly package.


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