Shape Complex Modulations with the Behringer 140 Dual Envelope/LFO Eurorack Module


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Dedicated Envelope and LFO Sections Allow for Intricate Sound Design

The Behringer 140 module puts the power of two independent envelope generators and LFOs in just 10HP of space. With extensive shaping and modulation options, this module is ideal for sculpting everything from snappy percussive transients to evolving ambient soundscapes.

Flexible Dual Envelope Generator

The 140 features two dedicated ADSR envelope sections. Use the gate inputs to trigger the envelopes with a CV sequencer or drum module. Or press the manual gate buttons to trigger envelopes by hand.

Adjust the attack, decay, sustain, and release controls to sculpt the shape of each envelope. Plus, variable curve shaping alters the contour, allowing for snappy transient effects or smooth fades.

Route the envelope outputs to control VCF cutoffs, VCA levels, oscillator pitches, effects parameters, and more. With two envelopes, you can create complex multistage modulations.

Powerful Dual LFO with Waveshaping and Sync

In addition to the envelopes, you get two independent LFOs with five waveform shapes and variable frequency and delay. The available waves include sine, triangle, square, sawtooth, and ramp.

Use the frequency knobs to set the rate from a slow, minute-long cycle to audio-rate modulation. The delay controls determine the time before the LFO engages. You can also sync the LFO speed to a clock source.

Patch the LFOs to any destination to create vibrato, tremolo, and other modulated effects. With two LFOs, you can set up interesting polyrhythms or crossfad between shapes.

10HP Eurorack Format for Flexible System Integration

The 140 comes in a rugged Eurorack module format, designed for installation in a modular synthesizer system. At just 10HP wide, it’s space efficient, leaving room for more modules. Power comes via the Doepfer standard 16-pin power connector.

Take Your Modulations to the Next Level with the Behringer 140

If you want to move beyond basic envelopes and LFOs in your Eurorack system, the Behringer 140 delivers advanced modulation capabilities in a slim format. The dedicated envelope and LFO sections equip you with all the tools you need to create intricate modulations.

Order the Behringer 140 today and explore new sonic possibilities!

Key Features:

– Two independent ADSR envelopes with variable curve shaping

– Dedicated LFO section with 5 waveforms and frequency and delay control

– 10HP Eurorack format for space efficiency

– Gate inputs for triggering envelopes via external sources

– Manual gate buttons for hand triggering envelopes

– Use envelopes and LFOs for modulation routing

– Create complex, multi-stage modulations and rhythms

– Doepfer 16-pin power connector for Eurorack systems

Take Command of Every Modulation with the Behringer 140

For next-level sound design and synthesis possibilities, the Behringer 140 puts dual envelope generators and LFOs under your direct control. Trigger envelopes manually or via external gates. ShapeEvery curve contour. Choose from five different LFO waves. Set precisely timed modulations and rhythms. With extensive options for modulation routing, this compact module unlocks immense sonic potential. Claim pro-grade modulation for your Eurorack system now with the 140!


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