Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro Humbucker Pickup Set – Bring Legendary Tones to Your Guitar


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Upgrade your electric guitar with the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro humbucker pickup set and unlock iconic rock tones.

Alnico II Magnets for Singing Lead Tones

At the heart of the Alnico II Pro pickups are Alnico 2 magnets, which are revered for their sweet, singing lead tones. The medium output pairs rich harmonics with plenty of sustain for soloing. From blues to classic rock and everywhere in between, the Alnico II Pro pickups deliver the warm, organic tones that helped define rock guitar.

Vintage Output for Versatility

With a vintage output of 7.4k ohms in the bridge and 7.6k ohms in the neck, the Alnico II Pro pickups offer plenty of headroom. You can push your amp harder for overdriven crunch while still retaining dynamics and clarity. And the medium output works equally well for clean tones, allowing your guitar’s natural tone to shine through.

4-Conductor Wiring for Coil-Splitting

The Alnico II Pro pickups come with 4-conductor wiring, which allows you to coil-split each pickup individually. This gives you a wider tonal palette, from thick humbucking tones to crisp, single coil-esque sounds. Expand your sonic possibilities for everything from country twang to jangly indie rock.

Made in the USA with Vintage Specs

Handmade in Santa Barbara, California, the Alnico II Pro pickups are crafted to vintage specifications. Features include:

  • Alnico 2 magnets
  • Enamel coated wire
  • Nickel silver bottom plate
  • Fiber bobbins
  • Vintage output

The Alnico II Pro captures the soul of classic humbuckers while providing modern wiring options.

Legendary Seymour Duncan Quality

With over 40 years of hand-winding pickups under their belt, Seymour Duncan’s artisans carefully voice every pickup. They use only the best materials and machining tolerances as tight as .0001″ for consistent, exceptional tone. Each pickup is tested for optimum performance before shipping.

Choose Your Sound

The Alnico II Pro joins the Seymour Duncan family of pickups, which offers a model suited to any musical need. Other popular choices include:

  • SH-4 JB Humbucker – Higher output for rock crunch
  • Pearly Gates – Signature pickup of legendary guitarist Billy Gibbons
  • 59′ Model – Accuracy replicates late 50s PAF humbuckers
  • JB Jr – Fat blues and rock tones in a single coil size

Unlock Your Guitar’s Potential

Upgrade your electric guitar with the Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro pickup set. Constructed to strict vintage specifications with Alnico 2 magnets, these pickups deliver singing lead tones, sparkling cleans, and smooth overdriven crunch. Let your inner rockstar loose with iconic humbucker tone.


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