SE Electronics X1 S Cardioid Condenser Microphone Bundle


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Upgrade your recordings with the SE Electronics X1 S cardioid condenser microphone bundle. This professional vocal mic captures rich, detailed vocals while eliminating unwanted sounds.

The reflection filter, shockmount and XLR cable give you everything needed for professional-quality vocal and instrument recording. Captivate audiences with studio-grade vocals at home or on stage.

Sonic Excellence

At the heart of this bundle lies the acclaimed SE Electronics X1 S cardioid condenser mic. Utilizing a 1” gold-sputtered diaphragm, it delivers exceptional transient response and crystal-clear sound.

The tight cardioid polar pattern focuses on the sound source while rejecting off-axis noises. Vocals and acoustic instruments come through with stunning detail and intimacy.

With a wide 20Hz-20kHz frequency range, the X1 S maintains tonal accuracy across the spectrum. It captures subtle nuances that make vocals shine with character and emotion. Expect smooth, natural tone perfect for a wide range of sources.

Plug and Capture

Connecting the X1 S mic is simple. It operates on 48V phantom power readily supplied by any audio interface, mixer or mic preamp. The standard XLR output connects easily to any recording device.

At just 125 ohms impedance, the X1 S plays nicely with any gear. It also handles high SPLs if needed, ensuring crisp and balanced tone even when artists get expressive.

With a robust all-metal body, the X1 S is built to go the distance. It provides reliable performance for home studio recording, podcasts, vocals and instrument miking on stage. One mic to rule them all.

Reflection Filter

The included reflection filter optimizes recordings by isolating the mic from room ambience. Its specialized design prevents sound waves from bouncing off walls and muddying up tracks.

Vocals come through loud and clear, without any distracting reflections or reverb. The end result is a clean, intimate vocal sound as if recorded in a professional studio.

Unique shape creates phase cancellation to absorb unwanted sounds hitting the filter. Pick up only the intended source while blocking external noise and room acoustics.


Also included is a compact shockmount to eliminate rumble and mechanical noise. Custom design suspends the X1 S capsule in a rubber holder, isolating it from vibrations and movement.

Attach to any mic stand to prevent bumps and handling noise from ruining takes. Get crisp, plosive-free vocals that jump out of the mix.

Rugged nylon composite frame holds strong. Convenient quick release mount makes setup a breeze. Shockmount adds essential isolation to capture flawless tracks.

XLR Cable

Connecting your mic is made simple with the Pro Co 10-foot XLR cable included in this bundle. Just plug into your interface or preamp and you’re ready to record in seconds.

Oxygen-free copper conductors provide clear, uncolored signal transfer from mic to recording device. Dual conductors per side improve rejection of EMI/RFI interference.

Durable PVC jacket resists crackling andwear over thousands of flex cycles. Rugged construction stands up to life on the road. The cable even features a heavy-duty anodized aluminum case for the connectors.

Studio Vocals at Home

The X1 S cardioid condenser mic delivers professional-level recordings, allowing anyone to achieve studio-quality results with ease.

From home studios to live gigs, this high-grade condenser captures vocals, acoustic guitars, percussion and more with stunning realism. Step up your recordings and engage listeners with intimate, detailed tracks.

The included reflection filter, shockmount and XLR cable make the X1 S bundle a powerful all-in-one vocal recording kit. Dial in rich, plosive-free vocals in any environment right out of the box. Your listeners will take notice.

In the Box:

  • SE Electronics X1 S Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Reflection Filter
  • Shockmount
  • 10ft Pro Co XLR Cable

Achieve professional-grade vocal recordings that shine with the SE Electronics X1 S Cardioid Condenser Microphone Bundle. Get studio-quality results and take your projects to the next level!


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