Roland PCS-15-TRA 15ft Electronic Drum Trigger Cable




Connect your Roland electronic drums and percussion with premium quality using the Roland PCS-15-TRA trigger cable. This 15 foot cable is optimized for performance and reliability when using Roland triggers, pads, modules, and sound sources.

Compatible with Roland Equipment

The PCS-15-TRA is specifically designed for use with Roland V-Drums and other Roland electronic percussion equipment. It seamlessly connects triggers, pads, modules, and sound sources using 1⁄4 inch TRS connectors.

Flexible and Durable

A flexible PVC outer jacket protects the oxygen-free internal copper wiring, preserving audio quality and shielding interference. The cable won’t kink or twist, ensuring reliable connections during demanding drumming performances.

Oxygen-Free Copper

High purity oxygen-free copper wire provides superior conductivity for accurate trigger signaling. This eliminates distortion and crosstalk when using multiple cables in your electronic drum kit.

Available in Multiple Lengths

Choose the perfect cable length for your setup. The PCS-15-TRA 15 foot option gives you extended reach between pads, triggers, modules and amps. Shorter 5 and 10 foot lengths are also available.

Secure Connections

Dual gold-plated 1⁄4 inch TRS connectors ensure positive contact and prevent corrosion. Latches grip each connection tightly, avoiding any signal loss or interrupting your performance.

Organize Your Cables

The bright blue PVC outer jacket makes this trigger cable easy to identify. Easily sort your cables and avoid confusion when setting up and tearing down your e-drum kit.

Take Your Drumming Anywhere

The Roland PCS-15-TRA is durable enough for stage use yet flexible for portable drumming. Set up your e-kit at gigs, in rehearsal studios, or at home with this high quality trigger cable.

Mix and Match Lengths

Combine different PCS-TRA cable lengths as needed for your ideal e-drum setup. Shorter cables between closely grouped pads and triggers prevent clutter. Use longer cables to reach distant cymbals, hi-hats, or your drum module.

Superior Shielding

Multi-layer metal braided shielding blocks electromagnetic interference and crosstalk between cables. Your trigger signals come through loud and clear for precise playing.

Trigger Options

The PCS-15-TRA works seamlessly with the following Roland trigger types:

– V-Drums Drum Triggers
– V-Cymbal Triggers
– V-Hi-Hat Triggers
– V-Pad Trigger Pads

Designed for Electronic Percussion

While designed for e-percussion, this cable also works great for guitars, keyboards, pedal boards, and other musical equipment needing high quality 1⁄4” TRS connections.

Simplify Your Drumming

Don’t compromise your electronic drumming experience with low quality cables. The PCS-15-TRA trigger cable delivers reliable, noise-free trigger signal transmission for the best possible drum performances and recordings.

Trusted Roland Quality

Roland sets the standard for electronic musical instruments and accessories. The PCS-15-TRA meets Roland’s stringent quality testing for durability, connectivity, and sound performance.

Buy with Confidence

Like all Roland products, the PCS-15-TRA trigger cable is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Buy the cable that drummers rely on for trouble-free triggering and drumming anywhere.

Get pro-level performance from your V-Drums with the Roland PCS-15-TRA trigger cable. Experience accurate trigger signaling and noiseless audio quality during gigs, recording sessions, and daily practice.


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