Roland GK-3 Divided Pickup – Convert Your Guitar into a MIDI Controller


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Unlock the MIDI potential of your guitar with the Roland GK-3 divided pickup. This innovative hexaphonic guitar pickup converts your guitar into a fully functioning MIDI controller to interface with synths, keyboards, DAWs, and more.

The GK-3 pickup accurately translates each string’s vibrations into discrete MIDI data for unprecedented expression and versatility. It installs on most electric guitars without modifications for quick MIDI guitar conversions.

With 6 individual string pickups, the Roland divided pickup tracks each string’s pitchbend, vibrato, and dynamics. Connect to MIDI instruments for incredible synth tracking or record detailed performance data into DAWs.

Hexaphonic Pickup Design for Detailed MIDI Tracking

What makes the GK-3 such a powerful MIDI pickup is its 6 separate string transducer design. Each thin pickup coil senses an individual string’s vibrations to convert into detailed MIDI note on/off, pitchbend, and velocity messages.

This hexaphonic divided pickup translates intricate techniques like tremolo, vibrato, pinch harmonics, and fingerpicking into expressive MIDI data. MIDI instruments and software accurately recreate every nuance of your playing in real time.

The GK-3 works with both magnetic and piezo acoustic pickups to convert steel and nylon string guitars into MIDI controllers. The 13-pin Roland divided pickup system preserves your guitar’s natural tone for flexible MIDI guitar performance.

Natural Playability & Quick Installation

This non-invasive pickup simply mounts onto your electric guitar’s body without any modifications required. The lightweight, compact design does not affect your instrument’s natural playability or tone.

Roland’s innovative pickup geometry and intelligent circuitry translate fast playing and complex chords without tracking errors or latency. Thedivided pickup senses open and mute notes accurately.

Installation takes just minutes with the included foam adhesive strips – no soldering or tools needed. The GK-3 connects to Roland synths via the 13-pin divided pickup jack and to computers with the included 1/4″ cable.

Unlock MIDI Expression for Guitar

The Roland GK-3 allows guitarists to explore exciting new MIDI sound possibilities. Connect to MIDI modules and digital synths to access vast new sonic options and effects.

Use your guitar to control MIDI synth parameters for radical sound manipulation. Integrate synthesizers into your live guitar rig or recording setup.

For guitarists, opening up the MIDI protocol unlocks unprecedented levels of creative expression:

  • Control MIDI synthesizers with your playing techniques
  • Trigger loops, sequences, and arpeggios using your guitar
  • Process your guitar through MIDI effects like harmonizers and samplers
  • Record detailed note articulations, slides, bends, vibrato, and more as MIDI data

The GK-3 pickup converts your traditional guitar playing into a powerful MIDI controller for guitar synthesizer integration and next-level recordings.

Turn Your Guitar into a MIDI Powerhouse

Guitarists, take your playing possibilities to the next level with the Roland GK-3 hexaphonic pickup. By converting each string into discrete MIDI data, this divided pickup unlocks unprecedented expression, control, and creative potential.

Use your trusted guitar to interface with synths, keyboards, DAWs, and VST instruments. The detailed MIDI tracking empowers guitarists with flexible new sound options and advanced recording capabilities.

The GK-3 installs in minutes without modifications for quick MIDI guitar conversions. Unleash new dimensions of guitar performance with the Roland hexaphonic pickup system.


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