Roland FANTOM 8 Keyboard Synthesizer – Professional 88-Key Weighted for Inspired Performances


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Unleash your creativity with the Roland FANTOM 8 Keyboard Synthesizer. As the flagship model of the FANTOM series, this professional 88-key synthesizer combines premium sound design, streamlined workflow, and versatile performance capabilities in one portable instrument.

Expressive 88-Note Weighted Keyboard

The FANTOM 8 features a high-quality 88-note keyboard with weighted action and velocity sensitivity. The weighted keys feel fantastic under your fingers, providing authentic resistance and response just like an acoustic piano. This allows for expressive and dynamic performances, helping you translate each musical idea directly from imagination to audience.

The keyboard uses the latest Roland technologies for smooth, fast playing. Whether you’re performing live or recording tracks in the studio, the FANTOM 8 keyboard faithfully captures your creative vision.

Thousands of ZEN-Core Sounds

At the heart of this synthesizer lies the powerful ZEN-Core engine. This advanced sound design technology gives you a massive selection of acoustic and electronic sounds right out of the box.

Choose from pianos, guitars, brass, strings, synths, beats, and more. The FANTOM 8 comes loaded with over 2000 sounds to ignite ideas across any musical genre. Intuitive editing tools allow you to tweak sounds exactly to your liking.

Authentic SuperNATURAL Acoustic Tones

For stunningly realistic instruments, the FANTOM 8 includes SuperNATURAL technology. This provides beautiful grand piano tones with natural resonance, rich harmonics, and responsive dynamics. Roland’s proprietary behavior modeling accurately recreates the sound and feel of a real acoustic grand.

Organ sounds also benefit from SuperNATURAL with smooth drawbar control, fast key response, and natural rotary speaker effects. The acoustic instrument sounds burst to life with unmatched realism to enhance performances and recordings.

Seamless Hardware Integration

Despite its portable form factor, the FANTOM 8 offers deep hardware integration options. Connect to computer via USB for MIDI and audio recording in your favorite DAW. Use the dedicated audio inputs to incorporate external instruments, mixers, and more.

Onboard mic preamps, physical controllers, and D-Beam gesture sensing further expand creative possibilities on stage and in the studio. This synthesizer truly functions as the centerpiece of a professional production workflow.

Intuitive Workflow

The FANTOM 8 keyboard simplifies sound design and music production tasks. The large color LCD screen provides at-a-glance monitoring of parameters and effects. The redesigned interface allows quick building of custom sound stacks using layers, splits, and more.

Save your creations to the onboard memory or directly to USB flash drive. Every feature and workflow is optimized for efficient operation and limitless experimentation.

Whether performing live or producing tracks, the Roland FANTOM 8 Keyboard Synthesizer puts exceptional sound quality and creative freedom at your fingertips.


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