Roland DJ Gear Stand for Laptops and Controllers


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Elevate your performance setup with the Roland DJ Gear Stand. This sturdy and reliable stand is custom-built to perfectly fit Roland DJ controllers, laptops, and other essential DJ gear. With its sleek design and durable construction, this stand brings form and function together to help DJs optimize their workflow.

Sturdy and Custom-Built

The Roland DJ Gear Stand is thoughtfully crafted with DJs in mind. Built from high-quality materials, including steel, aluminum, and ABS resin, this stand is designed to securely hold your gear in place during performances. The steel frame provides exceptional stability while the aluminum tray allows for an open, lightweight design.

Crafted to fit popular Roland DJ controllers, like the DJ-808 and DJ-505, the stand’s dimensions keep your gear from shifting during intense scratching and crossfading. Non-slip silicone pads on the tray surface help grip your controller or laptop to prevent slides or drops. From the sturdy build to the custom sizing, every detail of this stand caters to the needs of mobile and club DJs.

Sleek, Low-Profile Design

The Roland DJ Gear Stand sports a slim, minimalist profile that seamlessly fits into any performance or studio space. Without bulky protrusions or a complicated footprint, this stand simply elevates your setup in a refined way.

The stand rises 22 inches off the ground, giving you the perfect height for interacting with your DJ controller or laptop screen. This ergonomic height reduces neck strain and hunching during long sessions in the mix. When you’re done performing, the stand folds down easily, reducing to a slim 3 inch profile for convenient transport and storage.

Perfect Accessory for V-Moda Setups

For Roland V-Drums owners, the DJ Gear Stand is the ideal accessory for creating a complete electronic percussion setup. Simply position your Roland TD-1DMK or TD-17KVX V-Drums in front of the stand and place your laptop running DT-HD1 drum module software on the tray surface.

This optimized arrangement keeps the laptop screen angled upward, providing immediate visual feedback when entering drum kits or making changes. The stand also keeps cables and connections organized beneath the tray for a clutter-free drumming zone.

When used with the advanced DT-HD1 software and a V-Drums kit, the Roland DJ Gear Stand helps realize the creative possibilities of hybrid acoustic/electronic drumming. Shape dynamic percussion sounds within the module interface and lay it down over beats and textures in a DAW. This flexible e-drum configuration unleashes new ways to produce, compose, and perform with electronic drums.


The Roland DJ Gear Stand is thoughtfully designed for today’s modern DJ. Its sturdy steel and aluminum construction provides stability for laptops and controllers while its slim, portable profile fits into tight DJ booths. For V-Drummers, it’s the perfect laptop stand for producing with the DT-HD1 drum module software. With its form, function, and versatility, the Roland DJ Gear Stand is a must-have accessory for DJs and e-drummers pushing creative boundaries in the studio and on stage.


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