ROADIE 3 – The Ultimate Automatic Guitar Tuner for Faster, Easier Tuning


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Tired of spending way too much time tuning your guitar by ear or with a slow, frustrating clip-on tuner? Dread constant tuning adjustments when switching between alternate tunings? With ROADIE 3, accurately tuning your guitar is now faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.

ROADIE 3 is the most advanced automatic guitar tuner that allows you to tune your acoustic, electric, or any stringed instrument in under 30 seconds with just the press of a button. This third-generation Roadie tuner features a high-torque motor that spins your machine heads 2x faster than previous models. Just place Roadie on your guitar peghead, pluck a string, and watch it get tuned to perfection right before your eyes.

Lightning-Fast Tuning Speed

The high-speed motor rapidly turns your guitar pegs so string tuning that used to take minutes now only takes seconds. Tune all 6 strings in under 30 seconds – you’ll have more time to practice and play instead of wasting it tuning.

Precision Tuning Accuracy

Roadie 3 features enhanced vibration-detection technology and algorithms that allow it to pick up the correct frequency and tune your strings precisely. It easily tunes in noisy environments where clip-on tuners struggle. No more frustration over imprecise tuning!

150+ Alternate & Custom Tunings

Easily switch between over 150 built-in alternate tunings at the push of a button, including drop D, open G, dadgad, and more. Create your own custom tunings and save them to preset slots. The large color display shows your exact tuning.

Built-in Metronome & String Winder

The integrated metronome plays audible beats and physical vibrations so you can dial in tempo without needing a separate device. When restringing, Roadie 3 winds new strings onto your pegs while tuning each string at the same time.

Ergonomic Design

Roadie 3 features an ergonomic shape and soft touch finish that allows comfortable grip at any angle. The compact, lightweight body and flexible arms fit easily into your guitar case.

Universal Compatibility

It works on nearly all stringed instruments with machine heads – acoustic guitars, classic guitars, electric guitars, 12-string, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, violin, and more! (Note: It does not tune bass guitars)

Rechargeable Battery

The built-in Li-ion battery delivers a month of tunings per charge. Recharging is simple with the included USB-C cable. Take it anywhere without worrying about batteries.

Stop wasting time endlessly tuning your instrument. With Roadie 3’s automatic tuning technology, you can spend more time playing music and less time prepping. Order today and instantly upgrade your guitar tuning experience!


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