Remo Pinstripe Clear Drum Head – Fat, Thumpy Tone for Rock and Pop


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Get that deep, fat thump punching through your mixes with the 12-inch Remo Pinstripe clear drum head. The two-ply Mylar construction adds a low-end boost perfect for rock, pop, R&B, and fusion while avoiding excessive ring.

The Remo Pinstripe drum head consists of two 7mil plies of weather-resistant Mylar film. The proprietary “Controlled Sound” technology in the adhesive between plies diffuses unwanted overtones. This allows the fundamental tone to predominate, giving you a focused thump with a quick decay.

With a moderately low pitch, the attacktransients come through with fullness and impact. The Pinstripe clear head has a mellow open tone that cuts through loud music without excessive ringing. Rimshots, cross stick, and snare response have a warm, round character with reduced high frequencies.

The 12-inch size fits snare drums or single-ply toms for a versatile upgrade. The Remo Pinstripe head excels at rock genres benefiting from a fat drum sound with a natural feel. The low end accentuates the backbeat and pushes through dense mixes without clutter.

Key Features:

  • 12” diameter clear drum head
  • Double 7mil Mylar film plies
  • Low-pitched thump with quick decay
  • “Controlled Sound” technology diffuses overtones
  • Warm, round response ideal for rock and pop
  • Made in the USA

Fat, Thumpy Sound

The Remo Pinstripe drum head immediately fattens up the sound of your toms and snare. The 12-inch size fits standard drum sizes for a versatile upgrade from worn out stock heads. It excels at rock, pop, and R&B styles that benefit from strong low end and focused impact.

The double ply 7mil Mylar construction boosts low frequencies for a deep, punchy thump. The proprietary “Controlled Sound” adhesive diffuses unwanted overtones so the drum decays quickly after each strike. You get clear attack and full transient response without excessive ringing.

With a mellow, round tone, the Remo Pinstripe head has enough brightness to cut through loud bands. The moderate attack blends seamlessly with other drums and cymbals. Play rock or fusion requiring clean articulation between notes.

The Remo Pinstripe delivers a mix-ready drum sound right off the shelf. Tuned low, it has the fat thump and smack for organic pop and R&B. Tuned higher, the Pinstripe has enough presence for rock while avoiding harsh ring.

Made in the USA, Remo builds quality and consistency into every drum head. The Pinstripe gives you focused tone and desirable damping in a rugged Mylar film design perfect for gigging drummers.

Versatile Tone-Shaping

With its controlled sustain and low pitch, the Remo Pinstripe makes a versatile drum head for tonally shaping your kit. Use it to fatten up a high-pitched maple snare or cut excessive ring from a boomy tom.

The mid-level attack accentuates backbeats from your snare and floor toms. Cross stick, side stick, and rim clicks have a satisfying “pop” that blends well with other percussive sounds. It brings out the warmth and smack of shell material like mahogany or maple.

The Pinstripe works well for damping resonant toms prone to ringing. The focused tone keeps your fills articulate without blurring together during busy grooves. Use it on both sides of a tom for maximum dampening when needed.

Snare response has the papery crispness of Mylar along with the fatness of two plies. The Pinstripe reduces unwanted ring and overtones so ghost notes sound clean at any volume.

You can stretch the 12-inch Pinstripe over small tom drums as a kick drum batter head. This boosts the low end thump while controlling boxy overtones from the shell. Slot vents let you customize the decay even further.

Whether used on snare, toms, or kick, the Remo Pinstripe gives you clear, punchy attack with a fast decay that sits perfectly in the mix. The versatile sound-shaping enhances drums of any material, from acrylic to wood.

Choose the Remo Sound

For over 50 years, Remo has been a leading innovator in drumheads and percussion products. From the iconic Ambassador to specialty heads like the Powerstroke and Controlled Sound, Remo sets the standard for quality, consistency, and innovation.

With American-made craftmanship and proprietary materials like Mylar film, Remo heads are the first choice among pros and amateurs alike. Top drummers rely on Remo for great tone and reliability show after show.

The Remo Pinstripe drum head gives you the focused low end and quick decay that punches through loud band mixes. Cut through congested music with fat, thumpy tone made in the USA. Choose the Remo Pinstripe and experience quality, innovation, and performance other heads just can’t match.


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