Record Studio-Quality Audio with the MAONO HD300T Podcast Microphone




The MAONO HD300T brings broadcast-ready audio to your podcasts, vocals, instruments and more. This versatile mic combines the warmth of an XLR analog output with the plug-and-play ease of a USB mic.

Flawless Audio for Podcasting and Streaming

At the heart of the HD300T lies a professional-grade cardioid dynamic capsule custom-tuned for rich, smooth voice reproduction. The tight polar pattern picks up incredible detail while rejecting unwanted ambient noise. This makes the mic ideal for podcasts, voiceovers, interviews and streaming.

Go live or record audio on Mac/PC thanks to the built-in USB digital output. Or take the HD300T on the road by plugging into mixers and PA systems via the balanced XLR out. Either way, you’ll be stunned by the professional studio sound quality.

Hear Yourself in Real Time

Zero-latency monitoring lets you hear your voice as you record, essential for nailing perfect takes. Just plug headphones into the 3.5mm jack on the mic and adjust volume via the onboard control knob. No need to mess with complicated software settings.

Built To Last

The MAONO HD300T brings together rugged metal construction with high-end components. The all-metal microphone tube and steel base provide rock-solid stability that outlasts flimsy plastic mounts.

The custom-tuned cardioid capsule is engineered to reproduce clear, natural audio for years. And the included pop filter and shock mount isolate the mic from vibrations, pops, bumps and more. Set up once and rely on this mic to faithfully capture your sound show after show.

Plug and Go Recording

Getting professional-level audio from the HD300T is fast and easy:

– Attach to the sturdy included mic stand for stable positioning

– Connect the XLR cable to mixers or PA systems

– Or use the USB cable to interface instantly with Mac/PC

– Add the pop filter and shock mount to isolate the mic

– Dial-in the right monitoring volume

– Start recording or go live

That’s it – the MAONO HD300T handles the rest by delivering stunning sound quality.

One Mic to Rule Them All

Whether you’re:

– Launching a podcast

– Recording vocals and instruments

– Doing voiceover or ASMR

– Live streaming games or shows

– And more

…the MAONO HD300T has you covered. The single mic handles a huge range of audio sources thanks to the tailored cardioid pickup pattern and versatile connectivity.

Experience MAONO Quality

MAONO is passionate about audio and makes products that punch above their price point. That’s why the HD300T comes complete with:

– 12-month warranty

– Durable all-metal construction

– Shock mount to reduce handling noise

– Pop filter for minimizing plosives

– Perfect for home studios and on-the-go recording

Order with Confidence

Hit Add to Cart now to record studio-quality vocals, instruments, podcasts, voiceovers and more with the MAONO HD300T USB/XLR microphone!


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