RANMING Jam Block Set with Height Adjustable Stand and Plastic Cowbells for Band and Musicians




Add crisp, unique percussion to your performances with the RANMING Jam Block Set. This all-in-one set provides stable triangle cowbell stands, height-adjustable brackets, jam blocks, and clamp knobs for securing your instruments. The included plastic cowbells feature distinctive timbres across a rainbow of colors, delivering versatile sound for percussionists.

Unique and Crisp Jam Block Tones

The RANMING Jam Block Set includes plastic jam blocks in 8 vibrant colors, each producing its own unique tone. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, and black blocks provide a spectrum of pitches for diverse percussive impact. Strike the jam blocks with mallets or sticks to add crisp, accenting sounds to your music. The plastic construction cuts through the mix with bright, pronounced tones compared to traditional metal jam blocks.

Vertical Brackets for Various Instruments

The included triangular cowbell brackets allow vertical installation of jam blocks, cowbells, wood blocks, tambourines, and more. Dual braces provide stability, while the flexible design works with a range of percussion instruments. Easily mount jam blocks, or get creative and attach a rainbow of different sounds. The vertical orientation saves space while providing ergonomic playing access.

Adjustable Height from 20″ to 54″

The height-adjustable brackets enable you to position instruments at the perfect level for your playing style and setup. The stands extend from a compact 20 inches for sitting percussionists, up to 54 inches to accommodate standing players and drum kits. Wherever you choose to position the jam blocks, triangular feet keep the bases stable.

Stable Triangular Base Design

The included stands feature a triangular three-point base that prevents tilting or shifting during energetic playing sessions. Dual braces on each stand add reinforcement for stability when strikes are at their hardest. Large rubber feet grip surfaces to isolate vibration and prevent creeping. The sturdy construction provides rock-solid support for jam blocks and other add-on percussion.

Includes Bonus Clamp Knobs for Securing

Each set includes two plastic clamp knobs that tightly secure jam blocks and cowbells on the vertical brackets. The drum key adjustable knobs ensure your instruments stay locked in place, with no possibility of slipping, even during powerful hits. The knobs work with most standard percussion mounting rods.

Perfect for Percussionists of All Levels

The RANMING Jam Block Set is ideal for percussionists of all skill levels looking to add new sounds. The bright cowbell tones stand out in any musical ensemble, from middle school bands to professional groups. Compact and lightweight, the set is easy to transport between venues and performances. The brackets work great as drum kit add-ons or standalone rigs.

Set Includes:

  • 2x height-adjustable triangle jam block stands
  • 8x plastic jam blocks in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, black
  • 3x plastic cowbells in red, yellow, green
  • 4x plastic clamp knobs for securing instruments

Elevate your percussion section with the vibrant sounds of the RANMING Jam Block Set. The included plastic cowbells, jam blocks, and adjustable stands encourage creativity and allow for diverse musical arrangements.


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