RANMING 6-Inch 11-Note C Key Steel Tongue Drum Kit for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation




Immerse yourself in peaceful, harmonic tones with the RANMING 6-Inch 11-Note C Key Steel Tongue Drum. This high-quality tongue drum creates ethereal, resonant sounds perfect for meditation, yoga, personal reflection, or making music. Easy to learn and fun to play using hands, mallets, or finger picks.

Ethereal, Soothing Steel Tongue Drum Tones

Crafted from sturdy carbon steel with a protective coating, the 6-inch drum features 11 tuned notes in the C pentatonic (do-re-mi-sol-la-do) scale. Tap the curved tongue-like notes to produce bright, reverberating tones. Each note rings out brightly with a long, beautiful sustain when played. Relax and de-stress as you become absorbed in the calming, meditative tones.

Designed for Easy Playing

The 6-inch size and layout of the 11 notes makes this an accessible instrument for beginners. The notes are thoughtfully arranged in a linear pattern, corresponding to a simple color-coded sheet music guide. Follow along with the guide to start playing beautiful melodies right away. Discover different notes and scales as your skill improves.

Various Playing Methods for Diverse Tones

Use your fingertips to produce soft, rhythmic taps and create layered melodies. The included mallets allow for louder volume and brighter resonances. Or, attach the finger loops to play with your thumbs for fuller expression. Each technique results in a surprisingly different tonality from the steel tongue drum. Experiment to discover new sounds.

Portable Steel Tongue Drum for On-the-Go Playing

Weighing just 3 pounds, the 6-inch RANMING steel tongue drum is lightweight and portable. The included carrying bag provides safe transport and storage. Set up anywhere with the help of the adjustable height stand, which folds down for easy packing. Jam at home, the park, camping trips, or wherever your musical inspiration leads.

Ideal for Meditation, Yoga, Relaxation

The soothing, relaxing tones of the steel tongue drum enhance practices like meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. Empty your mind as you repetitively tap the notes, or improvise gentle background music during your session. The included instructional book provides beginner techniques and songs to start playing melodies and rhythms during reflection or spiritual practices.

Empower your mind-body connection with the unique sounds of the RANMING 6-Inch 11-Note C Key Steel Tongue Drum. This mesmerizing instrument promotes peacefulness, harmony, and creative expression.

Set Includes:

  • 6-inch steel tongue drum with 11 notes in C pentatonic scale
  • Premium carrying bag for storage and transport
  • 2 mallets for playing with rubber tips
  • 4 finger picks for fingertip playing
  • Sheet music booklet with color coding and beginner tips
  • Adjustable height stand to play drum hands-free
  • Set of stickers to color-code notes

Bring home the soothing sounds of this high-quality steel tongue drum kit for your relaxation and musical enjoyment.

Resonate in Meditative Harmony

In today’s busy world, making time for self-care is so important. Finding moments of stillness, reflection and creative expression nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Interactive instruments like the RANMING steel tongue drum provide that opportunity to connect with meditative harmony.

The rich, reverberating tones fill your soul with peacefulness and joy. Tapping the notes in rhythmic flows calms the mind, while unlocked melodies reveal your inner musicality. Learning to play this unique instrument is a soothing journey of discovery.

Any place you need to re-center and ground yourself, the portable steel tongue drum is there. Play at home, the park, beach, camping trips, in nature, or wherever inspiration calls. With the easy-to-use carrying case, stand, and accessories included in this drum kit, musical serenity is always available.

A Musical Path to Mindfulness

Beyond just listening to relaxing music, actually engaging in the creative process takes mindfulness to a deeper level. Interacting with the steel tongue drum involves focusing senses on the present moment.

Melodies materialize note-by-note as you explore the tones. The vibrations resonate through your body, becoming one with the rhythm. This is a path to active meditation and inner harmony. Empty the mind, concentrate on the sounds, enter a peaceful flow. Let the music wash away stress and welcome in the positive.

Learning this instrument also has developmental benefits. Following sheet music trains concentration, memory, and fine motor skills. Allow the soothing songs to resonate as your skills progress strum-by-strum along a meaningful musical journey.


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