QuigBeats Drum Sticks – Premium Hickory 5A Drumsticks for Adults & Kids


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Elevate your drumming with the QuigBeats 5A Drumsticks. Crafted from 100% USA-grown hickory wood, these high-quality drumsticks deliver the perfect blend of durability, tone, and feel for drummers of all skill levels.

Superior Hickory Construction

The QuigBeats Drumsticks are constructed from premium kiln-dried hickory wood harvested sustainably in the United States. Hickory is prized by drummers for its stiffness, strength, and bright, projective tone. The wood’s tight grain pattern also helps reduce vibration for excellent response and rebound off drum heads.

Compared to lower-grade imported wood, the hickory in these drumsticks is less prone to chipping, fracturing, and warping even during active playing. The drumsticks have been lathe-turned and precision milled to remove imperfections and deliver flawless balance and consistency.

Classic 5A Design

These drumsticks feature the popular 5A profile preferred by drummers across genres for its versatility and comfortable grip. The dimensions include:

– Length: 16 inches
– Diameter: 0.571 inches
– Taper: Medium from butt to tip
– Tip Shape: Rounded teardrop

The 5A sticks have a medium taper that transitions smoothly from the shoulder through the shank all the way to the tip. This promotes excellent rebound off drum heads and cymbals.

The round, teardrop-shaped tip yields a bright, centred tone with clear pitch definition. The neck is slightly thicker than the shank for added durability and articulation. Overall, the 5A design provides outstanding response and playability.

Lightweight and Well-Balanced

Despite their sturdy hickory construction, the QuigBeats 5A Drumsticks have a relatively lightweight feel. Each stick weighs around 1.5 ounces for minimal fatigue over extended practice and playing sessions.

The drumsticks exhibit flawless balance and zero deviations thanks to CNC lathe turning. This precision manufacturing removes excess material while retaining just the right contours for comfort, grip, and rebound.

The comfortable weight and balance make these drumsticks ideal for beginners and children building technique and stamina. The 5A profile facilitates proper form while allowing room to progress to advanced rhythms and fills.

Versatile Drumming Applications

The lightweight 5A drumsticks work excellently for drum kit playing across genres like rock, pop, jazz, and more. The teardrop wooden tips provide clear, projective tone on drums and cymbals.

These all-purpose drumsticks also work well for percussion instruments like the xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, and other mallets. Students and hobbyists will appreciate the comfortable size and grip for practice pads and snare work.

With their kid-friendly size and weight, these sticks are great for toddlers and children learning drums for the first time. The durable hickory is resistant to cracks and chips during enthusiastic playing by younger drummers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Each set of QuigBeats Drumsticks contains 12 pairs (24 drumsticks total) to stock up for gigs, practice, and replacements. They are proudly made in the United States from locally sourced wood.

We stand behind our drumsticks with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely happy, just let us know and we will make it right. Add the QuigBeats 5A Drumsticks to your cart today to elevate your playing!


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