Qu-Bit Chord v2 Polyphonic Oscillator Eurorack Synth Module


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The Qu-Bit Chord v2 is a powerful polyphonic oscillator packed into a compact Eurorack module. With intelligent tuning, eight banks of waveforms, and independent outputs per voice, the Chord v2 brings immense sonic flexibility to your modular synthesizer rig.

Intelligent Tuning for Easy Polyphony

Getting perfect tuning when working with multiple VCOs can be extremely frustrating. The Chord v2 solves this problem with an intelligent tuning system that keeps your voices in harmony. Just set the root note and let the module handle the rest – no more tuning each VCO by ear. With rock-solid tracking across its range, the Chord v2 makes polyphonic patching a breeze.

Eight Banks of Rich Waveforms

The Chord v2 comes loaded with eight banks of high-quality waveforms, giving you plenty of sonic variety to explore. You’ll find the classic analog shapes like saw, triangle, sine, and square waves. On top of that, there are more complex waves like vowel forms, digital shapes, and waves with added harmonic content. With a simple button press, you can quickly swap through the banks to radically transform the timbre and texture of your patch.

Five Independent Outputs for Mixing Flexibility

Each of the Chord v2’s four voices gets its own output, allowing you to process and mix them independently. This makes it easy to get thick, layered sounds by running the voices through different effects chains. You can also quickly mute voices or accent certain ones by tweaking their levels. The fifth output provides a mix of all four voices, giving you the convenience of grabbing the full chord from a single output.

Compact Format, Massive Sound

Despite its modest size and power requirements, the Chord v2 delivers some seriously huge, complex sounds. Four voices may not seem like a lot on paper, but with the quality of the waveshapes and the intelligent tuning, you can get positively massive textures from the module. Whether you’re looking for shimmering pads, evolving soundscapes, or thick leads, the Chord v2 delivers stellar polyphonic sound in a small footprint.

Easy to Use, Deep Sonic Capabilities

The Chord v2 finds the perfect balance between immediate, hands-on control and deep modular sound design. At its core, it’s simply an intuitive polyphonic oscillator – just plug in your keyboard or sequencer and you’re ready to play chords. But under the hood, it has tons of depth for serious sound exploration. Morph between waveforms, add modulation and effects to individual voices, even shift voices into microtonal tunings.

Made for Eurorack Synth Modules

Qu-Bit designed the Chord v2 specifically for Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. It requires just 40mA of +12V power and fits perfectly into a standard Eurorack case. Multiple Chord v2 modules can be chained together to increase polyphony even further. Whether you’re building your first system or expanding an existing rig, the Chord v2 is the perfect polyphonic oscillator module.

Take Your Modular Synth into New Sonic Territory

The Chord v2 opens up thrilling new dimensions for your modular synthesizer. Finally add chords and polyphonic textures without the tuning headaches. Create evolving pads, arpeggios, stacks, and more. Get creative blurring the lines between harmony and timbre as you morph between banks of waveshapes. The Qu-Bit Chord v2 brings intuitive polyphonic potential to your Eurorack modular system.

Qu-Bit Chord v2 Features:

  • Intelligent polyphonic tuning – set the root note and go!
  • 4 high-quality analog-modeled voices with tracking across 10 octaves
  • 5 outputs – one for each voice plus a mix output
  • 8 banks of waveforms per voice including analog shapes, vowels, digital waves, and more
  • Morph smoothly between waveform banks for timbral animation
  • 16-bit wavetable resolution for silky smooth timbres
  • Modulate and process each voice independently
  • Microtuning capabilities for experimental tunings
  • Gate and pitch CV inputs per voice
  • Chord memory for recalling custom chords
  • Chaining multiple units together increases polyphony
  • SD card included with 100+ wavetables
  • Open-source design philosophy for customization
  • Eurorack format – 10HP width, skiff friendly power requirements

Unlock the power of polyphonic synthesis in your modular rig with the Qu-Bit Chord v2. This intuitive, flexible oscillator module opens up bold new sonic possibilities. Add rich chords, evolving textures, and tuneful leads – the Chord v2 makes modular polyphony musical and inspiring.


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