Puzkom Premium Right Angle Guitar Cable – The Flexible and Durable Connection Your Guitar Deserves


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Every guitarist knows the importance of a high-quality cable. It’s the vital link between your instrument and amp, carrying your cherished tone from strings to speaker. A faulty cable leads to crackling, dropouts, and frustration. But shopping for guitar cables can be confusing, with cheap no-name brands making big claims. How do you know which one to trust?

Look no further than the Puzkom Premium Right Angle Guitar Cable. Engineered by musicians for musicians, it’s designed for maximum reliability and crystal clear tone. The heavy-duty construction and smart design touches make this cable built to last, show after show. Time to plug in and rock out without worries of equipment failure.

Flexible and Durable Braided Nylon Jacket

The Puzkom guitar cable features a rugged double-braided nylon exterior, more flexible and hardwearing than stiff plastic jackets. The tight weave resists abrasion while retaining a supple feel that won’t kink or crack. And the cable inside has ample flexibility too, with a slim diameter that allows tight wrapping and storage in pedalboards and cases without damage.

Reduces Noise for Pure Signal Transfer

Nothing ruins a solo like crackles and hum from a faulty cable. The Puzkom cable uses multi-layer shielding and insulation to block electromagnetic interference and crosstalk between signal and power lines. Oxygen-free copper conductors ensure optimal transfer of your guitar’s nuanced tone with minimal loss over distance.

Gold-Plated Connectors Prevent Corrosion

The high-quality metal connectors are gold-plated to prevent corrosion and oxidation, maintaining a clean signal path from your guitar to amp. The solder points are reinforced for strength and the plugs feature a dual hex nut grip. The right-angled end sits flush with your guitar, avoiding strain on the input jack.

Built for the Stage and Studio

The Puzkom Premium Right Angle Guitar Cable is rigorously tested to over 15,000 bends, ensuring it will stand up to years of regular use. Take it to gigs, jam sessions, and recording studios without worrying about shorts, crackles, or dropouts. The clean, neutral sound lets your guitar tone shine. Plus the smartly designed black and red jacket looks great on stage.

Compatible with All Your Gear

The 1/4 inch straight TS to right angle TS connectors make the Puzkom cable compatible with electric and acoustic guitars, basses, amps, pedals, mixers, keyboards, and more. Use it as your main instrument cable or for hooking up effects loops, amp linking, and studio patch bays.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re musicians too and stand behind the quality of our cables. That’s why your purchase is backed by a 12-month replacement warranty. If you have any issues down the road, contact our friendly support team for a prompt resolution.

Order Today and Plug Into Pure Tone

Quit wrestling with cheap cables. The Puzkom Premium Right Angle Guitar Cable is purpose-built for gigging guitarists who need a reliable connection night after night. Click Add to Cart now to hook up your guitar with a cable designed to outlast all the rest.


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