PRS Guitars m/Metal Treble Pickup Nickel Covered – Aggressive Articulate Tones


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Unleash your inner shredder with the PRS Guitars m/Metal Treble Pickup. Designed for heavy metal and hard rock styles, this ceramic magnet pickup delivers the tight, aggressive tone and blistering articulation needed for face-melting leads and chunky rhythms.

Custom-Wound for Bone-Crushing Gain

The PRS m/Metal pickup is precision-wound at the PRS factory, allowing expert technicians to customize and voice it specifically for high-gain playing. Large ceramic magnets provide powerful output and lightning-fast attack, while the treble-focused windings accentuate crunchy mids and searing highs.

When cranked through a high-gain amp or pedal, you get the mammoth saturation, sustain, and harmonics essential for metals genres. Chords ring out massively without muddiness, and lead lines cut through the mix with intensity.

Articulate Clarity for Complex Playing

Articulation and note separation are just as important as gain for modern progressive metal. The PRS m/Metal pickup delivers here as well, with windings and magnets optimized for picking clarity and complex rhythmic chugging.

Tight lows provide punchy definition on the low strings while the expanded mids and treble capture all the detail and nuance of every riff, sweep, and shred. No matter how technical your playing gets, this pickup articulates it with crisp precision.

Versatile Tones from Clean to Extreme

From lush clean tones to extreme distortion, the PRS m/Metal pickup offers exceptional versatility for the modern metal guitarist. Its powerful Ceramic 8 magnet structure retains dynamics and nuance, avoiding the sterility and one-dimensionality of lesser pickups.

Clean tones have clear lows, bold mids, and sweet singing highs. As you add gain, the tone remains focused and tight. Whether you prefer modern metal’s pissed off punch or old school metal’s smooth sustain, this pickup delivers.

Rugged Nickel Cover for Durability

The pickup comes encased in a rugged nickel cover that protects the sensitive coil windings from damage. Nickel also reduces microphonic squeal and unwanted noise. The sleek finish looks great on guitars with chrome hardware and contributes to noise-free performance.


  • Model: PRS Guitars m/Metal Treble Pickup
  • Magnets: Ceramic 8
  • DC Resistance: 15.2k ohms
  • Magnet Material: Ferrite
  • Wire Material: 42 AWG
  • Wire Insulation: Heavy Formvar
  • Cover: Nickel

Choose Your Weapon for Heavy Metal Tone

The PRS Guitars m/Metal Treble Pickup brings massive high-gain tone and cutting articulation to your rig. Shred to new heights with singing harmonics, pinpoint riff definition, and relentless tight lows. For metal that demands power, clarity, and versatility, this pickup delivers in spades.

Add bone-crushing tone to your PRS guitar today!


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