ProX XS-MIDM32R ATA Digital Mixer Flight Case for Midas 32R Console




Custom designed ATA road case provides maximum protection for your Midas 32R digital audio mixer while traveling and on the road.

Robust Plywood Construction
Built with durable 3/8″ plywood and reinforced with rugged steel corners and rivets. Withstands the rigors of transport and heavy use. Lightweight yet extremely durable.

Dense Foam Padding
Thick high density foam cushioning absorbs shocks and impacts. Safely secures your 32R console without movement or vibration. Prevents damage during transit.

Secure and Portable
Spring loaded side handles allow comfortable carrying. Industrial twist butterfly latches enable padlocking for security. Convenient and reliable transport of your audio equipment.

Sleek Hexagonal Honeycomb Design
Visually striking pattern represents the innovative Honeycomb Digital series from ProX. Combines form and function for optimal protection with standout style.

Trust your valuable Midas 32R mixer to the rugged XS-MIDM32R road case. Providing robust protection and secure handling for safe and durable transport. Keep your audio equipment in prime condition with ProX.


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