Protect Your Speakers from the Elements with the Yoyong Speaker Cover


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Keep your speakers protected and your music playing with the Yoyong Speaker Cover. This durable and lightweight cover is specially designed to fit most 12″ PA/DJ powered speakers, providing protection against dust, moisture, UV rays and more.

Durable Oxford Cloth with UV Coating

The Yoyong speaker cover is constructed from high-quality 600D oxford cloth that is coated with a 50 UV coating. This combination of materials makes the cover water-resistant, blocking moisture from rainfall or sprinklers from penetrating to your speaker. The UV coating also helps reflect the sun’s rays, preventing damage from extended exposure during outdoor use.

Custom Fit for 12″ DJ/PA Speakers

With dimensions of 26.5” x 15” x 16.5”, this speaker cover is tailored to perfectly fit most standard 12” powered speakers. The bottom is left open so you can easily slip the cover over your speaker. Drawstrings allow you to securely tighten the cover around the speaker.

Take Your Speakers Anywhere

Thanks to the durable and lightweight oxford fabric, the Yoyong speaker cover makes transporting your speakers a breeze. Take your speakers from gig to gig or set them up in the backyard for a family BBQ without worrying about damage. The portability also makes storage simple when not in use.

Protect Your Investment

A quality powered PA or DJ speaker represents a significant investment. Ensure your speaker lasts for years by keeping it covered with the Yoyong speaker cover when not in use. The elements can wreak havoc on the sensitive components of uncovered speakers left out in the open.

Use Indoors or Out

While designed with outdoor use in mind, the Yoyong speaker cover also works great for indoor speakers. Keep your speakers dust-free when in storage or protect them from drink spills and rowdy guests at your next house party.

Key Features

  • Durable 600D Oxford cloth construction with 50 UV coating
  • Water-resistant and UV-blocking
  • Drawstring closure for secure fit
  • Fits most 12” powered PA/DJ speakers
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Provides protection indoors and outdoors

Customer Reviews

“I do quite a few outdoor gigs and was looking for an affordable way to protect my speakers from the elements. This cover works perfectly for my 12″ tops. Fits great and seems durable enough for heavy use.”

“Bought 2 of these covers for my PA speakers I use for karaoke and dance parties. They’ve held up great after dozens of setups and breakdowns. Much cheaper than buying hard cases.”

“I leave my DJ speakers on stands in my backyard. The Yoyong covers have kept them protected from sprinklers and dust. Great quality for the price.”

Shop with Confidence

Provide your speakers the protection they deserve with the Yoyong Speaker Cover. Built to shield 12” speakers from dust and moisture, this affordable cover lets you take your speakers anywhere without worry. Don’t leave your investment exposed, order the Yoyong Speaker Cover today!


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