Protect Your Guitar in Style with the VICASKY 6 Sets PVC Strum Guard Pickguards


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Play your heart out without worrying about scratching your beloved guitar with the VICASKY Set of 6 PVC Strum Guard Pickguards. These self-adhesive pickguards provide a protective barrier between your pick or fingers and the guitar body, keeping it free from annoying scuffs and scratches.

Shield Your Guitar Body in a Stylish Way

Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice style for protection. The slim profile of these pickguards complements your guitar’s natural aesthetics instead of hiding it. The red color adds a subtle flair while letting the true beauty of your instrument shine through.

Hassle-Free Application in Seconds

Just peel and stick – installation takes barely a minute. The 3M adhesive backing sticks securely without leaving any residue on the guitar top when removed. Position the pickguard and press firmly along the edges for a long-lasting hold.

Precision-Cut for Acoustic Guitars

Expertly designed to fit most steel-string acoustic guitars, these pickguards provide edge-to-edge coverage across the top. The set contains 3 large and 3 medium guards with curved and straight edges to accommodate different guitar shapes and styles.

Ultra-Durable PVC Material

Constructed from highly flexible polyvinyl chloride, these pickguards can withstand vigorous strumming and picking over extended use. The extra thick 0.5mm plastic evenly distributes pressure across the surface, preventing dents and dings.

Keep Your Guitar Sounding Its Best

The thin profile doesn’t affect guitar resonance or dampen vibrations like bulky guards. Your instrument retains its bright, projecting tone whether the pickguard is on or off.

Safeguard Your Guitar Top During Performances

The last thing you want is an unattractive gash marring your glossy guitar finish right before a big show. These pickguards have your back. Just stick them on and strum with abandon, letting your music take center stage.

Protect Your Investment for Years

Your guitar is a prized possession that deserves the best care. Prevent permanent cosmetic damage and retain its resale value with these protective pickguards. They prolong the life of your instrument’s finish.

thoughtful Gift for Guitarists

Delight the guitarist in your life with this set of pickguards. It shows you care about preserving the beauty of their precious guitar. The stylish red color also adds a fun pop of color to delight any musician.

Why Choose the VICASKY Guitar Pickguards?

Protection from scratches and dings – The thick PVC plastic acts as a shield against pick and fingernail damage to keep glossy finishes pristine.

Adhesive backing for quick installation – Just peel and stick directly on the guitar top for hassle-free application in under a minute.

Comes in multiple sizes and shapes – Contains 3 large and 3 medium pickguards with curved and straight edges to fit varied acoustic guitar body styles.

Ultra slim profile – The 0.5mm thickness doesn’t affect guitar resonance or project of sound.

Durable PVC construction– Withstands rigorous strumming and retains flexibility over time to prevent cracking or peeling.

Subtle red color – The vibrant hue complements any guitar finish without being too loud or gaudy.

Leaves no sticky residue – Removal is clean after use with no glue residue marring the guitar surface.

Universal fit for most steel string acoustics – Precision designed for optimal coverage on various guitar shapes and makes.

Affordable Protection for Your Beloved Instrument

Don’t expose your expensive guitar to potential dings and scratches. Protect its finish affordably with the VICASKY set of 6 self-adhesive pickguards. They offer unbeatable value for money compared to a single pickguard.

Give your prized guitar the protection it deserves. Order the VICASKY Set of 6 PVC Strum Guard Pickguards now to preserve your instrument in style.


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