Protect Your Guitar in Style with MARMERDO Pickguards


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Add a stylish shield against scratches and dings with the MARMERDO 2-pack of self-adhesive guitar pickguards. These easy-to-apply covers feature a decorative grape leaf design that complements the natural beauty of acoustic folk guitars.

The durable PVC material protects your instrument’s delicate finish from picks, nails, and impact damage. Simply peel and stick the adhesive backing directly onto the guitar top to provide an ultra-thin barrier. The subtle leaf pattern blends into your guitar’s appearance rather than detracting.

At 41 inches long, these MARMERDO pickguards fit most standard dreadnought and orchestra size acoustics. The slim profile doesn’t affect playing comfort or muffle vibration. Give your favorite guitar the protection it deserves, while adding artistic flair.

Prevent unsightly scratches and dings with a grape leaf pickguard for your acoustic folk guitar. With 2 in each pack, you can safeguard multiple instruments or have a handy spare. The MARMERDO pickguard – stylish defense for your musical investment.


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