Project Your Voice with Clarity and Style


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Step into the spotlight and captivate your audience with the RhymKawa Dynamic Vocal Microphone. Specially designed for vocalists, podcasters, and presenters, this professional cardioid mic isolates your voice and reduces feedback/ambient noise for amazing sound quality. The eye-catching rhinestone handle sleeve adds a touch of glamour, while the included pop filter blocks plosives for smooth, broadcast-ready recordings.

Cardioid Pickup Captures Your Voice’s True Character

At the heart of this dynamic microphone lies a cardioid condenser capsule tuned to pick up sound from directly in front, just like your mouth. This directional pickup rejects ambient noise around the mic, reducing feedback issues and letting your vocals shine through loud and clear. The result is a transparent, accurate representation of your unique vocal tone and articulation.

Reduces Background Noise for Clean Recordings

The cardioid pattern also minimizes extraneous noises around your recording/performance space. Room echoes, AC hum, and other sounds are suppressed so all listeners hear is you. This allows for clean recordings even in untreated rooms. No more battling muddy, distorted audio.

Included Pop Filter Blocks Plosives and Breathing

Take your recordings to a professional grade with the included pop filter. Mounted on a swivel clamp, this dual-screen filter isolates your mic from plosives, particulates, and breathing sounds that can cause audible pops and crackles. Your tracks will have atmospheric mood, not distraction.

Crystal Rhinestone Sleeve for On-Stage Style

Why go plain when you can shine? The glittering crystal rhinestone sleeve slips over the mic for eye-catching style. The faceted faux gems catch and reflect stage lighting for high-impact looks. Choose from silver, gold, rose gold, and multi-color options to match your style.

Heavy-Duty Build Quality for Gigs & Studios

Though visually stunning, the RhymKawa mic delivers proven performance and durability. The all-metal construction and hardened steel grill withstand the rigors of touring and regular use. Its tailored frequency response and tight cardioid pattern also work for home studio recording, voiceovers, podcasts, and interviews.

Compatible with All Major Audio Devices

With a standard XLR output and included 20’ cable, this dynamic mic plugs easily into mixers, PA systems, audio interfaces, voice recorders, camera inputs, and more. Suitable for shure SM58 replacements and carrying cases. The perfect vocalist’s mic for karaoke performances, conferences, presentations, and videography.


– Dynamic Cardioid Condenser Microphone

– Frequency Response: 50Hz – 16kHz

– Polar Pattern: Cardioid

– Output: Balanced XLR

– Max SPL: 130dB

– Rhinestone Sleeve with Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Multi-Color Options

– Included 20′ XLR Cable and Swivel Clamp Pop Filter

For Vocalists Who Demand Great Sound and Style

The RhymKawa Cardioid Dynamic Mic helps vocalists cut through the mix with beautiful audio quality and scintillating style. From its tailored cardioid pickup to its included pop filter and rhinestone sleeve, everything is designed to capture and project your best tone for unforgettable performances.


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