Presonus AudioBox 96 Studio Recording Bundle – Professional 24-bit/96kHz USB Audio Interface with Condenser Microphone and Accessories


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Jumpstart your home recording studio with the Presonus AudioBox 96 Studio Recording Bundle. This all-in-one kit gives you a high quality USB audio interface, condenser microphone, shockmount, and XLR cable for professional music recording and podcasting.

The heart of this bundle is the Presonus AudioBox 96 USB 2.0 audio interface. It delivers studio-grade 24-bit/96kHz recording and playback, giving your tracks the pristine resolution needed for radio-ready results.

Dual combo XLR/TRS inputs provide 2 channels to connect microphones, instruments, or line level sources. You get wide gain control to capture everything from delicate vocals to screaming guitar amps. Phantom power lets you use pro-level condenser mics requiring +48V.

Recording vocals or acoustic instruments? The included LyxPro condenser mic captures rich, detailed audio perfect for lead and backup vocals, acoustic guitars, piano, and more. The large 1″ diaphragm condenser capsule reproduces sounds with clarity over an ultra-wide 15Hz-20kHz frequency range.

The shockmount isolates the mic from stand vibrations for cleaner sound. The 10ft XLR cable gives you flexibility in mic positioning. You also get a foam windscreen to reduce plosives and ambient noise.

With the AudioBox 96, you can easily record podcasts, voiceovers, YouTube videos, band demos, and more. It works with all major DAW software for Mac and Windows. A copy of Studio One Artist DAW is included to get you recording instantly.

Studio One Artist provides effects and editing tools for polishing your mixes and productions. Drag and drop looping, creative virtual instruments, and pro-grade reverb/delay effects take your music to the next level.

The AudioBox 96 interface keeps you creating with zero lag monitoring. Hear yourself realtime without distracting latency as you record. No more timing or pitch issues between what you hear and what actually records.

With professional 24-bit resolution up to 96kHz sampling, the AudioBox 96 gives your recordings more headroom, dynamic range, and crisp fidelity. Whether you’re tracking rock drums and guitars or delicate acoustic instruments and vocals, your tracks will sound radio-ready.

The dual-preamp design provides flexible gain structuring options. Get the warmth of tube preamp saturation or dial in a clean transparency – the choice is yours.

Compact and USB bus-powered, the AudioBox 96 can record on the go with your laptop. The rugged metal chassis ensures durability in the studio or on the road.

So take your home recording to the next level with the Presonus AudioBox 96 Studio Recording Bundle. You get a high quality interface, pro condenser mic, accessories, and recording software to start capturing studio-quality music and podcasts immediately.


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