PowerHOOD AC Adapter Charger for KORG wavestate mkII mk2 Sequencing Synthesizer – Replacement Power Supply Cord and Cable – PSU for wavestate SE Platinum 37 61 Key


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Keep your KORG wavestate mkII synthesizer powered up and ready to play with this replacement AC adapter from PowerHOOD. Save money and avoid disruptions with this affordable, high quality power supply designed specifically for the KORG wavestate mkII, wavestate SE, and Platinum 37/61 key versions.

Reliable Power for Peak Performance

Nothing kills your creative flow faster than an underpowered synthesizer. The PowerHOOD AC adapter replaces the original power supply, providing steady, uninterrupted power to enable the best possible performance from your KORG wavestate.

Advanced overload protection eliminates power surges and spikes that can damage your synthesizer’s sensitive circuitry. High quality components ensure cool, efficient operation without buzzing or interference. Play with total confidence knowing your wavestate has a constant, reliable power source.

Plug and Play Convenience

This direct replacement power cord is designed to plug right into your KORG wavestate mkII with no extra adapters needed. The standard IEC 60320 C7 connector fits the wavestate’s power input securely so you can start playing immediately. A 6.5 foot cable length allows flexible positioning on stage or in your studio.

An LED indicator lets you confirm the adapter is receiving power. Universal 100-240V input works with all common AC power sources around the world. Never be without power again – just plug in the PowerHOOD adapter and unlock the full potential of your wavestate.

Engineered for Safety

Protect your expensive equipment investment with premium safety features. Integrated overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection keeps your wavestate mkII safe from surges, spikes, and other electrical abnormalities.

An internal thermal cutoff switch prevents overheating for continuous, reliable operation. Double injected housing withstands bumps and rough handling. Rest assured your synthesizer is safe from electrical damage with this high quality power adapter.

Key Features

  • Replacement power supply for KORG wavestate mkII synthesizer
  • Compatible with wavestate SE and Platinum 37/61 key models
  • Prevents blown fuses and damage from power issues
  • 100-240V AC input with US plug fits common power sources
  • Overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit protection
  • Thermal cutoff prevents overheating
  • 6.5 foot cable for flexible placement
  • LED power indicator
  • Rugged double injected housing

The Power Behind Your Performance

Your synthesizer needs consistent, noise-free power to realize its full potential. The complex oscillators, filters, and sequencers powering the KORG wavestate are sensitive to electrical fluctuations. One power surge can derail your creativity in an instant.

With advanced overload prevention technology, the PowerHOOD AC adapter keeps your wavestate running smoothly all night long. Focus on crafting sounds and sequences instead of worrying about blown fuses or equipment damage.

Free Your Creativity Anywhere

The universal AC input voltage lets you take this power supply anywhere in the world. An included US plug adapts to common wall outlets. Never miss inspiration striking – with this adapter, you can always plug in and play immediately whether you’re at home, in the studio, or on tour.

The generous 6.5 foot cable length gives you flexibility for setting up on stage or in tight spaces. Leave the bulky, heavy factory power brick behind and travel light with this compact adapter ready to power your wavestate anywhere.

Superior Safety

Don’t risk your expensive synthesizer’s safety with a cheap, unreliable power source. The PowerHOOD AC adapter incorporates multiple layers of protection to keep your wavestate secure:

  • Overvoltage protection guards against surges
  • Overcurrent protection prevents abrupt power spikes
  • Short circuit monitoring protects from wrong wiring
  • Thermal cutoff prevents overheating damage
  • Double injected housing withstands impact

With advanced protective circuitry, you can plug in and play for hours without power-related crashes or glitches. The PowerHOOD adapter meets strict quality standards for safe, efficient charging and operation.

Superior Support

We stand behind the safety and reliability of our power adapter with a 14 day money back guarantee and 30 day exchange policy. Our knowledgeable support team is ready to assist if you have any issues or questions. Don’t settle for generic knockoff adapters – get the proven performance and protection trusted by musicians worldwide.

Grab Yours Today!

Keep the music playing anywhere with the PowerHOOD replacement AC adapter for the KORG wavestate mkII synthesizer. With steady, clean power and premium protective features, you can create without limits and take your wavestate anywhere inspiration strikes. Order now and plug into reliable power for peak performance.


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