Plug Your Guitar Into Your iPhone, iPad, or Android Device with This Handy Guitar Interface Converter


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Do you want to turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable guitar studio? Do you dream of being able to jam anywhere with studio-quality guitar effects and amp simulation? Look no further than this handy guitar interface adapter for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android!

Jam Anywhere, Anytime

This guitar interface lets you plug your electric guitar or bass directly into your mobile device. That means you can access a huge range of amp and effect simulations to dial in your perfect tone no matter where you are. Just plug your instrument into the interface, connect it to your phone or tablet audio jack, launch the amp/FX app, and start playing! It’s that easy to turn your iOS or Android device into a portable guitar rig.

Studio-Quality Guitar Tones

Thanks to the high-quality audio conversion hardware inside the interface, your guitar tones will sound rich, full, and detailed coming through your mobile device headphones, speakers, or connected amps. You’ll be amazed at the crisp highs, tight lows, and accurate dynamics – just like playing through professional studio gear. The interface circuitry ensures your instrument signal is translated to digital audio cleanly and clearly.

Jam With Your Favorite Apps

This guitar interface is designed to work seamlessly with guitar amp/effect apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. That means you can dial up tones from your favorite brands like Fender, Marshall, Vox, Orange, and more! Many apps feature digital models of classic and modern amps, cabinets, stompboxes, and studio effects. With this interface, all those thousands of tones are now available anywhere you take your smartphone.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Connecting your guitar is easy with this interface. Just plug your instrument into the 1/4″ input, connect the interface to your phone or tablet’s headset jack, launch your amp/FX app, and start playing! The interface handles the impedance matching and hi-fi conversion automatically – no complex set-up or adjustments needed. And the compact, rugged design means it’ll withstand being tossed in your gig bag or pocket.

Get Inspired and Create Anywhere

Part of the magic of having access to studio-quality guitar tones on your mobile device is that you can create and capture song ideas anywhere. With this interface providing the sonic hardware, and amp/FX apps the software half of the equation, you have everything needed to lay down tracks and not lose that creative spark. Many apps allow you to record your jams as well so you can develop them into full songs later.

Why Choose Our Guitar Interface?

  • Studio-quality conversion for professional guitar tones
  • Plug and play operation – no set-up or adjustment needed
  • Designed for use with the most popular amp/FX apps
  • Rugged, compact design for portability and protection
  • 1/4″ input jack accepts any electric guitar or bass
  • Compatible with latest iOS and Android devices

Take Your Tones Anywhere

Don’t be limited by guitar gear that’s big, bulky, and not portable. With this handy guitar interface adapter, your smartphone or tablet provides the platform for studio-quality guitar tones anytime, anywhere. Just plug in, fire up your amp/FX apps, and let your creativity flow with guitar tones suited for practice, performance, or inspiration.

Get connected and take your guitar tones on the go with this handy interface today!


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