PKPOWER 6.6ft Replacement AC Adapter for Zoom G3/G3X Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals


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Power up your Zoom G3 or G3X multi-effects processor with this high-quality replacement 6.6ft AC power adapter from PKPOWER. Keep your guitar pedalboard ready to rock with this essential accessory.

Reliable Power for Peak Performance

Nothing kills your guitar solo like a dead effects pedal battery. Avoid disruptions and keep your tone pure with this PKPOWER adapter that provides stable, uninterrupted power for your Zoom G3/G3X pedal.

The 6.6ft cable length gives you flexibility in pedalboard placement and outlet access. Play on stage or in the studio without worrying about cables pulling.

LED indicators on the power adapter and Zoom pedal confirm the solid power connection. Just plug and play for flawless operation every time.

Precision Engineering Guarantees Safety

With your expensive guitar pedals and amps, you can’t risk damaging power surges or spikes. The PKPOWER adapter regulates voltage precisely to protect your Zoom effects pedal from electrical damage.

Advanced safety features including over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit protection provide an added layer of protection that generic power supplies lack. Your pedals and home electrical system remain safe.

Quality internal components ensure the adapter maintains correct input and output parameters throughout its lifetime. PKPOWER only uses industry-leading power materials for maximum longevity and safety.

Superior Construction for Maximum Durability

From the optimized circuit board to the rugged external materials, PKPOWER adapters are built to last. Their cutting-edge design resists abrasion, crushes, pulls, and bends that occur during handling or transport.

Strain reliefs reinforce the power cable connection to withstand thousands of flexes without failure. Durable housing protects the internals from damage in the event of accidental drops or bumps. This adapter will power your pedals reliably for years of regular use.

Full Compatibility for Flawless Operation

With an output of 9V DC 500mA center-negative, this power supply is fully compatible as a direct Zoom G3 and G3X pedal replacement. It seamlessly integrates into your existing pedalboard system without any setup or compatibility concerns.

The plug fits perfectly into the pedal’s power jack and deliver optimized voltage for peak performance. Designed specifically for Zoom’s popular multi-effects pedals, it meets their exacting power requirements.

Designed for Guitarists

PKPOWER understands the unique power needs of guitar effects pedals. That expertise guided the engineering of this adapter to satisfy even the most tone-focused guitarist.

High-quality power delivery eliminates audible noise, hum, and interference when using amp/cabinet simulators or recording direct. Your guitar tones remain pristine.

The durable nylon-braided cable and improved grounding minimizes physical noise from plugging/unplugging. No more crackles or pops during performance as you switch pedals on and off.

Buy With Confidence

PKPOWER provides a full 12-month warranty and friendly USA-based customer support for your peace of mind. They take pride in their quality and will quickly resolve any issues.

With decades of experience in power adapter engineering and design, PKPOWER is a trusted name. Rely on them to make a safe, reliable, fully-compatible replacement for keeping your Zoom pedals gig-ready.

Don’t settle for a generic one-size-fits-all adapter. Get a pedal power supply designed specifically for the Zoom G3/G3X.

Key Features

– Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
– Output: 9V DC 500mA
– 6.6ft cable length
– Center negative plug polarity
– LED power indicators
– OVP, OCP, SCP safety protection
– Durable construction for touring use
– 1-year warranty

Keep Your Pedalboard Powered

Having consistent, noise-free power is essential for serious pedal users. This PKPOWER adapter gives your pedalboard a reliable backbone that faithfully delivers electricity to all your individual effects pedals.

For home recording, it eliminates audible power hum and distortion. For live playing, it provides steady voltage during changes in stage power. Gigs, sessions, and practice are enhanced by pro-level power support.

Lightweight and Portable

Despite the heavy-duty construction, this power adapter remains highly lightweight and portable. Easily fit it into your guitar bag or pedalboard case. The compact transformer head takes up minimal space.

Touring musicians will appreciate the portability and durability. And home studio guitarists will love the flexibility of the 6.6ft cable which provides ample distance from the wall outlet without creating a tangled mess.

Premium Replacement Power

Getting premium sound relies on having premium power. Invest in this high-quality PKPOWER adapter designed for optimal performance with your Zoom G3/G3X pedals.

Experience their advanced multi-effects and amp modeling the way they were meant to sound. The cleaner power enhances clarity and definition throughout the wide range of tones.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All PKPOWER adapters are backed by a 12-month replacement warranty and friendly USA-based customer service. Buy with confidence knowing the company stands behind their products and takes your satisfaction seriously.

Get reliable, noise-free power for your Zoom pedals with this precise-engineered adapter replacement. Never worry about a dead battery killing your tone again!


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