PK Power AC Adapter for Keeley Bassist Limiting Amplifier Bass Compression Pedal – Reliable Power Supply




Give your Keeley Bassist Limiting Amplifier Bass Compression Pedal the power supply it needs to perform at its best with this high-quality AC adapter from PK Power. With advanced safety features and durable construction, this adapter provides stable, interference-free power so you can focus on dialing in the perfect tone.

Compatible With Major Keeley Pedal Models

This PK Power adapter is compatible with a wide range of Keeley pedals, including:

  • Keeley Bassist Limiting Amplifier
  • Keeley Bassist Station
  • Keeley BD-2 Blues Driver
  • Keeley Compressor
  • Keeley Compressor Pro
  • Keeley DS-1 Ultra Mod
  • And many more! Refer to the product description for a full compatibility list.

With the standard center negative 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel plug, this power supply securely fits the power jack on compatible Keeley pedals. The flexible 6.5 foot cable gives you plenty of reach.

Advanced Safety Features

The last thing you want is unstable power damaging your expensive audio effects. This adapter features multiple protections to keep your pedals safe:

  • Over Voltage Output Protection – Prevents power spikes from exceeding safe levels.
  • Over Current Output Protection– Shuts off power if there is too much current draw.
  • Short Circuit Output Protection – Turns off output if a short circuit is detected.

With OVP, OCP, and SCP safeguards in place, you can plug in your pedal with full confidence that it will be properly powered.

Universal Input Voltage for Worldwide Use

Thanks to the AC adapter’s 100-240V 50/60Hz input rating, you can use it virtually anywhere in the world. Whether you’re touring overseas or just want to tidy up your pedalboard at home, this adapter has you covered.

The USA, EU, UK, Australia, Asia, Africa, South America – wherever your musical journey takes you, this power supply can come along. No need for flimsy travel adapters.

Durable Construction for Lasting Performance

Between loading in and out of venues and transporting your gear, your power adapter takes a beating. That’s why this one is constructed using only quality materials to withstand plenty of use.

The six foot cable is nice and flexible, yet still durable enough to prevent fraying or cracking. Sturdy UL-certified wiring inside ensures optimal power output. Dependable construction allows this AC adapter to keep performing – night after night, year after year.

CE and FCC Certified Safe

Buy with total peace of mind knowing this adapter meets rigorous safety standards.

PK Power products are all CE certified to comply with European health, safety, and environmental standards. They are also FCC certified to meet US regulations on electromagnetic interference, ensuring clean power free of disruptive noise.

Match Your Pedalboard Aesthetic

The simple black jacket with gray accents looks sleek next to your pedals, letting your colorful effects take center stage on your pedalboard.

Don’t waste space on bulky power bricks. This AC adapter has a compact profile that saves room while neatly supplying power.

Start Powering Your Pedals Properly

Treat your prized pedals to an AC adapter designed specifically for musical equipment. Get reliable, noise-free power to unlock the full potential of your Keeley effects. Experience their crystal clear tone and responsive controls when powered properly by PK Power.

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