PK Power AC Adapter for Digitech Bass Driver, Squeeze Synth Wah & Multi-Chorus Pedals – Replacement Power Supply


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Reliably power your Digitech guitar pedals with this high quality AC adapter from PK Power. Perfect for the Bass Driver, Squeeze Synth Wah, and Multi-Chorus models, it provides stable, safe power so you can achieve optimal tone.

Superior Safety Features

Built with your Digitech pedal in mind, this PK Power adapter incorporates advanced protective features including Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP) and Short Circuit Protection (SCP). These safeguards prevent power surges, overheating, and short circuiting from damaging your pedal.

Exact Power Specs for Peak Performance

With a 9V output, this adapter meets the exact power specifications required by compatible Digitech guitar pedals. This ensures your effects pedals get the ideal power levels to function properly, without disruption. The tight voltage regulation delivers clean, ripple-free power for the best tone.

Broad Compatibility

This PK Power AC power adapter is widely compatible with the following Digitech pedals:

  • Digitech Bass Driver
  • Digitech Squeeze Synth Wah
  • Digitech Multi-Chorus

It serves as an ideal replacement PSU for these Digitech effects pedals, providing stable power in the studio or on stage.

Premium Construction

Built to last, this adapter incorporates a durable ABS housing and quality internal components. The improved ventilation and advanced circuitry ensure it withstands frequent use without overheating or performance degradation over time.

Compact, Convenient Design

With its space-saving plug design, this power supply fits neatly next to other pedals on your pedalboard. The extra long 5 foot cable allows flexible power connections in your setup. Low ripple noise provides clean power, free of hum and interference.

Reliable OEM Replacement Power

Designed as a drop-in OEM replacement adapter, this PK Power supply allows Digitech pedals to operate as intended. Manufactured to tightly regulated specifications, it matches the output and connectors of the original adapter. Expect equivalent safety, stability and performance for seamless operation.

Peace of Mind with Safety Certifications

With CE, FCC and RoHS certification, this adapter meets strict quality testing standards for performance and safety. PK Power provides a 30-day money back guarantee along with an 18-month warranty for added peace of mind.

Transform Your Tone with Clean, Stable Power

Unlock the full potential of your Digitech effects pedals with this PK Power AC adapter. The advanced protective circuitry and durable construction provide reliable, noise-free power for optimal tone shaping and effects. Order with confidence and breathe new life into your pedalboard!

Why Choose the PK Power AC Adapter?

  • Safety – OVP, OCP and SCP protection
  • Performance – 9V output meets OEM specs
  • Compatibility – For Digitech Bass Driver, Squeeze Synth Wah, and more
  • Premium Build – Durable ABS housing and quality components
  • Convenience – Space-saving plug with 5 ft cable
  • Reliable – Equivalent to OEM power performance
  • Certified – CE, FCC, RoHS certified for safety
  • Warranty – 30-day money back guarantee and 18-month warranty

Power Your Digitech Pedals with Confidence

With OEM-equivalent power performance, broad compatibility, and enhanced safety features, the PK Power AC adapter is the smart choice for powering your Digitech effects pedals.


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