PK Power 9V AC/DC Adapter for Korg microKORG XL Synth – Dedicated Power Supply




Keep your Korg microKORG XL synthesizer performing at peak potential with this dedicated power supply adapter from PK Power. Only compatible with the microKORG XL model, it delivers stable, interference-free power to maintain the synth’s famous analog modeling and vocoder vocal effects.

Compatible Only With Korg microKORG XL

This power adapter is engineered specifically for the microKORG XL synthesizer/vocoder and is not compatible with other microKORG models. It features a 5.5×2.1mm center negative plug to match the power input jack on the XL.

The flexible 6 foot cord gives you plenty of length to plug in your synth from a power outlet while performing on stage. Never deal with a cord that’s too short again.

Clean, Reliable Power

Dirty power can lead to crackles, hums, and unwanted noise coming through your synth. It can also cause stability issues. This adapter from PK Power keeps your microKORG XL properly powered, letting you achieve crystal clear sound.

Advanced filtering technology removes electrical interference to provide pure, steady DC voltage. Your synth’s sensitive analog modeling circuitry performs best when powered this way.

Protection Against Faults

Electrical faults could potentially damage your microKORG XL’s sensitive internal components. This adapter prevents that with multiple protection circuits:

  • Over Voltage Protection – Turns off power if output voltage rises too high.
  • Over Current Protection – Shuts down if current exceeds safe levels.
  • Short Circuit Protection – Cuts output immediately if a short is detected.

With OVP, OCP, and SCP safeguards in place, you can power up worry-free.

Use Worldwide

Thanks to the AC adapter’s 100-240V 50/60Hz input, you can use it with virtually any power outlet around the world.

Perform live in the US, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia, and elsewhere without concern for compatible power. This adapters handles voltages from 100-240V, making it perfect for worldwide touring musicians.

Compact Size for Portability

Measuring only 2.95 x 1.3 x 1.1 inches, this power supply travels easily in your gear bag. Its space-saving size takes up minimal room on your pedalboard or synth stand.

Don’t be burdened by a bulky wall-wart adapter. This one slips neatly out of the way, letting your microKORG XL shine.

Durable Parts for Long Lasting Use

Cheaply made adapters break quickly – but not this one. It contains only quality components to endure the rigors of touring and regular use.

The six foot cord is heavily reinforced at both ends to prevent splitting and fraying. Internal wiring and circuitry is certified to safely provide power output. This adapter goes the distance, year after year.

CE and FCC Certified

Buy with total peace of mind, knowing this adapter is certified to meet strict European CE safety standards. It is also FCC certified for compliance with regulations on electromagnetic interference.

Designed for Music Equipment

Don’t power your specialized synth with a generic power supply. This adapter is designed specifically for musical devices like the microKORG XL.

From proper voltage and polarity to noise filtering and circuit protection, it’s engineered to safely deliver power that enables your synth to sound its absolute best.

Reliably Power Your Korg XL

Enable your Korg microKORG XL synthesizer to deliver its famous fat analog-modeled sounds anywhere – on stage or in the studio. Get dedicated, tailored power that keeps this innovative synth stable and sounding amazing.

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