Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Professional DJ Headphones




Experience supreme sound isolation and audio quality with the Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX Professional DJ Headphones. Designed for professional DJs, these high-performance headphones deliver pristine audio reproduction and noise isolation for club environments.

Key Features:

  • Closed-back supra-aural design isolates sound
  • Powerful 35mm drivers with CCAW voice coils
  • 5Hz – 30kHz frequency response captures every detail
  • 90° swivel earcups for easy one-ear monitoring
  • Comfortable protein leather ear pads
  • Includes 1.6m coiled cable, 3.5mm adapter cable, and carrying pouch

Superior Sound Isolation

The closed-back design and supra-aural ear cups envelope your ears to block out external noise. This allows you to focus completely on the music details without distraction. Noise isolation is critical for DJs to monitor tracks accurately in loud club environments.

Sound leakage is also minimized so you can cue up the next song without disturbing the main mix. The earcups provide a tight seal around the ears for the most effective noise isolation.

Powerful 35mm Neodymium Drivers

At the heart of these headphones are powerful 35mm neodymium drivers. The drivers incorporate CCAW voice coils made of copper clad aluminum wire. This material provides better power handling capabilities for loud, clear audio with deep bass.

The drivers have a wide 5Hz – 30kHz frequency response so you can hear every detail in your tracks. The extended low end allows you to monitor deep bass lines precisely. The crisp highs let you hear subtle sonic nuances.

Swiveling Earcups

The earcups swivel 90° so you can conveniently listen with just one side. This makes it easy to cue up the next song or communicate with others in loud environments. The swiveling design also allows for a custom fit around your ears for long-wearing comfort.

Protein Leather Ear Pads

The soft protein leather ear pads are gentle on your ears for hours of comfortable use. Memory foam cushioning conforms to the shape of your head. This distributes pressure evenly and improves the sound isolation seal.

The ear pads are easily removable and replaceable. Keep an extra set handy for convenient swapping out when the pads get dirty or worn out.

Included Cables

This headphone set includes two detachable cables for flexible connectivity options. The coiled 1.6m cable securely connects to mixers and controllers. Its coiled design provides some slack while DJing to avoid cable tugging.

A 1.2m straight cable with 3.5mm adapter is also included. Use it to connect to smartphones, laptops, or airline entertainment systems while traveling.

Rugged and Portable

The HDJ-CX headphones feature a flexible headband and collapsible design. They fold up for safe portability in the included carrying pouch. Take them anywhere without worry of damage.

The rugged construction also makes these headphones durable for regular DJ use. The earcups rotate for easy one-ear monitoring and fold flat for storage and transport.

As part of Pioneer DJ’s professional audio lineup, the HDJ-CX headphones deliver the supreme sound isolation, audio reproduction, and durability that DJs need. Experience pristine monitoring with these high-quality headphones.


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