Phenyx Pro Wireless in Ear Monitor System – Quad-Channel IEM with 4 Bodypacks for Customized Monitoring




Experience total freedom and customizable sound right in your ears with the Phenyx Pro PTM-33 wireless in ear monitor system. This quad-channel monitoring station is ingeniously designed to provide each performer their own optimized mix, giving both musicians and vocalists the ability to hear themselves clearly on stage.

Hear Yourself Clearly Without Ambient Noise or Feedback

Trying to hear your instrument or vocals over thumping stage monitors is a thing of the past with the Phenyx Pro wireless IEM system. This mono in ear monitoring system transmits sound directly to comfortable in ear buds, eliminating distracting ambient noise, stage volume, and feedback. The four included bodypack receivers operate on their own respective UHF frequencies from 784 to 806 MHz, providing a completely wireless and cable-free monitoring experience with a range up to 140-164ft.

IR sync technology allows quick and easy linking between receivers and transmitters as needed. Performers can focus on their sound rather than technical difficulties or outside distractions. The closed back in ear design blocks external noise for optimum clarity. Musicians can move freely on stage while maintaining consistent audio quality.

Flexible Multi-Channel Mixing Station

The PTM-33 quad-channel transmitter features four combo XLR and 1/4″ inputs with individual volume control so each performer can dial in their own perfect mix. Four additional loop outputs allow “daisy chaining” to additional transmitters or monitors. This integrated monitoring solution requires only a single stereo aux send from your mixer to satisfy monitoring needs for a full band.

Rack mountable for a clean, professional stage setup, the transmitter features a large LCD display screen and features an antenna mount on the rear panel. Dual removable antennas provide solid signal transmission to avoid dropouts or interference. 1/4″ and XLR outputs allow quick connection to PA systems.

Hear Every Nuance in Your Performance

In ear monitors allow performers to catch subtle details that get lost in stage wedges or ambient sound. The clarity and consistency provided by the PTM-33 system lets vocalists hear their pitch and musicians hear every note and riff clearly. Whether you want to accentuate vocals, keyboards, guitars, or drums, this customizable quad-channel wireless system gives you total control.

The dynamic Phenyx Pro ME-5 metal in ear monitors provide excellent noise isolation and rugged durability. Crafted from machined aluminum with silver plated, oxygen-free cables, these stage-ready IEMs deliver clear audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. The comfortable over ear fit blocks external sound for an immersive listening experience.

Key Features:

  • Quad-channel wireless in ear monitor system with 4 bodypack receivers
  • 4×25 UHF frequencies from 784 to 806 MHz avoid interference
  • 164 ft. transmission range for cable-free stage monitoring
  • Easy IR sync between transmitters and receivers
  • 4 XLR/TRS combo inputs with individual volume control
  • 4 additional loop outputs for daisy chaining
  • Large backlit LCD display on transmitter
  • Durable metal in ear monitors with detailed sound
  • Rackmountable transmitter design
  • Dual removable antennas prevent signal loss

Customized Mixes for Every Performer

The ability to control your own monitor mix is invaluable both for rehearsals and live performance. With the PTM-33, vocalists can emphasize their voice while allowing other performers to highlight other elements in the mix. The quad-channel design means every member of your band can enjoy their own optimized audio feed.

Drummers can turn up their kick drum without overpowering the other musicians. Guitarists and keyboard players can better hear pitch and effects. Thanks to the four dedicated UHF frequencies, there’s no signal bleed between mixes – just consistent, detailed sound.

Hear Yourself Naturally in Any Venue

In ear monitors allow performers to hear themselves the same way in every environment, from tiny clubs to huge arenas. Floor wedges and ambient stage sound can vary drastically from night to night, but a wireless IEM system provides reliable and consistent monitoring.

The closed-back in ear design even enhances monitoring by allowing performers to hear reverberation and room dynamics in their mix. Every performer experiences clear, personalized audio reproduction to enable their best performance.

Go Wireless for Total Freedom

Say goodbye to tripping over wires and cables on stage. The long range wireless transmission allows performers to move freely without compromise. The transmitters and receivers operate on selectable UHF frequencies to avoid interference for uninterrupted signal.

Syncing channels is effortless with one-touch IR linking between components. Dual removable antennas on the transmitter prevent signal loss and dropouts. Each bodypack receiver runs on 2 AA batteries for around 6 hours of continuous operation.

Get Yours Today!

Dominate the stage and deliver your best possible performance with the Phenyx Pro PTM-33 wireless in ear monitor system. Personalized mixes and cable-free monitoring allow both vocalists and musicians to hear themselves perfectly.

This ingenious quad-channel system enables consistent, detailed audio reproduction for total confidence during performance. All performers can move freely while dialing in the exact mix they want to shine on stage night after night.


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