Penker Guitar Instrument Cable – Superior Audio Transmission for Guitar, Bass, Keyboards & More




The Penker 3FT Right Angle 1/4-Inch TS to Straight 1/4-Inch TS Instrument Cable is the ideal choice for musicians looking to connect their instruments to amplifiers, mixers, speakers and other equipment. This high-quality cable provides superior audio transmission and noise reduction for clean, dynamic sound across a wide range of applications.

Designed for Crystal Clear Signal Transfer

Constructed using high-density 24 AWG oxygen-free copper conductors, this guitar cord is engineered to transfer your instrument’s signal without loss, delay or interference. The OFC conductors have greater conductivity than standard copper, ensuring your tone comes through true to the original source.

Double shielding further enhances noise rejection by blocking electromagnetic interference and external signals. An inner OFC insulator shield combines with a conductive PVC outer shield to preserve audio fidelity and prevent distracting buzz, hum or distortion.

Durable Construction Stands Up to Heavy Use

The flexible PVC jacket protects the cable from twisting, kinking and tangling even during active on-stage performances. It also resists corrosion and abrasion damage caused by extended equipment use and transport.

High-quality gold plated connectors maintain a clean signal path from your instrument to your amp or mixer. The contacts are engineered for durability, withstanding thousands of connections and disconnections without degradation.

Convenient Right-Angle Plug Makes Connections Easy

The 3 foot cable length gives you flexibility in your studio or on stage. The space-saving right angle 1/4″ TS plug connects seamlessly to guitars, basses, keyboards and other equipment, while the straight 1/4″ TS plug fits amps, pedals and mixers.

The L-shaped connector is designed to fit snugly against your instrument, keeping the cable out of the way while playing. It reduces strain on the jack compared to straight plugs.

Universal Compatibility for Diverse Setups

This 1/4″ TS instrument cable is compatible with a wide variety of guitars, including:

– Acoustic guitars
– Electric guitars
– Bass guitars

It also works great for connecting keyboards, pedal boards, harmonizers, studio gear and more. Use it to link your:

– Keyboards & digital pianos
– Guitar pedals & FX processors
– Preamps, DI boxes & studio equipment
– Mixing boards & snake cables
– Powered monitors & passive speakers

Premium Cable Backed by Lifetime Guarantee

Penker stands behind this cable with a lifetime replacement guarantee. We are committed to providing musicians with superior quality cables and accessories that enhance their music.

If you ever have an issue with performance, connectivity or durability, we will provide a free replacement with no return required. Our helpful customer support team is also available to answer any questions.

Order the Penker Instrument Cable Today!

Elevate your sound quality and connectivity with the Penker right angle 1/4″ TS instrument cable. This pro-grade guitar cord provides reliable performance night after night. Order now to get the cable that will keep you rocking, jamming and performing your best!


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