PDP By DW 300 Series Bass Drum Pedal


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Experience the power and precision of a high-end bass drum pedal without the high price tag. The PDP By DW 300 Series Bass Drum Pedal delivers professional quality and performance in an affordable package.

Smooth, Responsive Playability

The 300 Series pedal features DW’s patented Flexi-Sprocket cam, providing smooth, even response throughout the pedal stroke. The sprocket rotates on high quality bearings, ensuring fluid motion and reducing friction.

An adjustable radius rod precisely sets the angle of the footboard for ergonomic playing. The base plate’s swivel design allows flexible positioning within your drum setup.

Durability Where It Matters

The pedal’s components are constructed from durable metals to handle gigging abuse. The footboard, beater and cam are all steel, while the sprockets, axles and housing boast rugged die cast metal construction.

The single chain drive system efficiently transfers your foot’s motion into drum beating power. The chain’s horizontal orientation maximizes acceleration, improving rebound and control.


  • 2-Way Beater – The symmetrical cam allows you to quickly switch between felt and wood beaters to alter your attack.
  • Concentric Cam – Provides even response and rebound throughout the pedal stroke.
  • Single Chain-Drive – Horizontal orientation improves acceleration and control.
  • Beater Angle Adjustment – Allows fine tuning of the beater stroke.
  • Radius Rod Base Plate – Lets you easily position the pedal within your setup.

Get Pro-Level Performance

While this pedal lacks some of the adjustment capabilities of higher-end models, it captures that same DW quality and feel. The 300 Series provides a complete pedal stroke and solid dynamics suitable for studio and live use.

If you want the power of a high-end pedal without breaking the bank, the PDP By DW 300 Series Bass Drum Pedal is the perfect choice. Experience rich, expressive bass drum tones backed with proven DW reliability.


  • Drive: Single chain
  • Beaters: Felt & wood
  • Footboard: Steel with synthetic suede covering
  • Cam: Steel concentric sprocket
  • Height Adjustment: Fixed
  • Beater Angle Adjustment: Yes
  • Baseplate: Radius rod swivel design

Add powerful, responsive bass drum action to your set up today with the PDP By DW 300 Series Bass Drum Pedal!


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