Paxcess Roll-Up Electronic Drum Set – Portable 7-Pad Practice Kit with Built-in Speaker, Headphone Jack and Long Battery Life


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Turn your space into a drum studio with the Paxcess roll-up electronic drum set! This portable 7-pad practice kit packs professional drum sound and functionality into a compact, easy to store size.

The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous playtime per charge. Just plug in the included USB cable to power up the drum set for hours of jam sessions anywhere you want. With a lightweight, roll-up pad design, the Paxcess drum set can be folded up and tossed into a backpack or bag for convenient portability.

Realistic and Bold Acoustic Drum Sounds

This electronic drum kit mimics the sound and feel of real acoustic drums. The 7 pads include a snare, 3 toms, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, and hi-hat. When struck, the pads produce dynamic, vibrant drum tones with adjustable volume up to 10 levels.

Choose from 5 drum timbres like Rock, Jazz, Electronic and more to match any music genre or practice routine. The snare pad features a durable silicone rubber playing surface with just the right rebound, providing excellent stick response. The cymbal and tom pads have a softer bounce, replicating the feel of real cymbals and drum heads.

Practice in Private with Headphone Jack

The Paxcess drum set allows for silent practice sessions with the included headphone jack. Just plug in your favorite headphones and rock out without disturbing others. This makes it the perfect choice for apartment dwellers, dorm rooms, or late night practice when you want to maintain the peace.

You’ll be able to hear crisp, dynamic stereo drum sounds directly through your headphones. The headphone jack also allows you to play along to music from a smartphone, computer or MP3 player for jamming fun.

Built-in Speaker Brings Bold Bass

In addition to the headphone jack, this drum kit features a high-quality dual speaker system to pump out amazing audio when you don’t need isolated practice. The built-in speakers deliver punchy bass tones and clear, balanced mids and highs for an immersive playing experience.

Adjust the master volume up to 10 levels to achieve just the right balance of drums to backing tracks. The speakers project sound forward for the player rather than outward, letting you jam out without disturbing others.

Realistic Pedals for Bass Drum and Hi-Hat Control

Two real pedals are included for dynamic bass drum and hi-hat control. The bass drum pedal features a durable rubber pad with natural recoil. Your foot moves it just like a real bass drum pedal. Hit it to trigger booming bass drum sounds through the speakers or headphones.

The hi-hat pedal allows you to control the opening and closing of hi-hat sounds by pressing down on the pedal. You can even play heel-toe techniques like real cymbals. This adds an authentic and interactive element you won’t find on many portable practice pads.

Jam Anywhere with Portable, Compact Design

Weighing just 5 pounds, the Paxcess electronic drum set is made for taking your practice sessions, lessons or performances anywhere. The 7 drum pads roll up and pack down into an included carrying bag.

Toss it in your car on the way to drum lessons, pack it for band practice, or take it outside on camping trips and beach days. Unroll the pads to instantly transform any space into your own drum studio. Tabletop legs hold the pads at an optimized playing angle.

Record, Play Songs and Connect to Your Devices

This drum kit includes tons of features to make practice interactive. Record your own beats then play them back to critique your timing and technique. Jam along to 8 demo songs that cover rock, pop, jazz and dance styles. Choose from 3 different drum rhythms to back your playing.

Use the MIDI in/out jacks to connect the drum set to your computer or music apps. Trigger and mix drum samples, record tracks, and more by using the Paxcess kit as a MIDI drum controller. It works seamlessly with most digital audio software and apps.

Transform your practice routine with the Paxcess roll-up electronic drum set. It provides real drum feel, massive sound and tons of features in a compact, portable design. Order yours today to hone your drum skills anytime, anywhere!


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