PATIKIL Phillips Screws for Guitar Tuning Pegs (20 Pack)


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Get your guitar back in tune with this 20 pack of high quality Phillips screws specially designed for guitar tuning pegs and machine heads. Keep your tuners turning smoothly and your guitar sounding its best with PATIKIL.

Compatible With Most Guitars

This set of screws fits a wide variety of guitars including electric, bass, acoustic, classical, and more. The 2.1 x 10mm size along with Phillips head is compatible with tuners and mounting posts on most popular guitar models and brands. Install them on your Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Squier, Yamaha, Taylor, Martin and other guitars.

Strong and Durable Iron Construction

Each screw in this pack is crafted from strong, durable iron that gives them just the right amount of strength to keep tuning pegs firmly tightened. The iron stands up well to constant turning and tension without bending, warping, or breaking over time. Install them once and enjoy years of reliable tuning performance.

Super Tight Fit

Precision milled threading allows these screws to grab the mounting post and hold tight with a strong, vibration-resistant connection. The tight fit keeps your strings from slipping out of tune, even during intense playing sessions or live performances.

Smooth Installation

Thanks to Phillips head slots that fit any Phillips head screwdriver and quality threading, these screws go in smooth and easy. Get them secured in place without stripping, crossthreading, or other installation headaches.


An oxidized copper finish gives these tuning peg screws corrosion resistance. They hold up well to humidity, sweat, and other exposure without rusting out over time. Keep your guitar looking great and the screws turning smoothly gig after gig.

Replacements for Worn Out Screws

Over years of playing, the constant turning motion can wear down screws, resulting in loose tuners that slip and strings that won’t hold their pitch. Refresh your tuning performance with a new set of screws from PATIKIL.

Upgrade Low Quality Screws

Some guitars come from the factory with soft, low grade screws that bend and deform. Upgrade to these rugged, heavy duty iron screws for tuning reliability and stability.

Easy to Use

No special tools needed! These screws fit any standard Phillips head screwdriver that you probably already have. Simply unscrew the old, insert the new screw, and tighten it down with a few turns of the wrist. Tuning peg screws don’t get easier than this.

Convenient Pack of 20

With 20 screws per pack, you have plenty of spares on hand for tuner repairs and replacements. It’s more cost-effective to buy in bulk rather than purchasing individual screws.

Manufacturer You Can Trust

With decades of experience crafting high quality hardware components for musical instruments, PATIKIL is a brand you can trust for reliable, long lasting screws. Their expertise shines through in this exceptionally crafted pack of tuning peg screws.

Give your tuning pegs a refresh and get back to playing in tune with this 20 pack of durable, heavy duty Phillips screws built just for guitars. Order the PATIKIL tuning peg screw set today!


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