OUKMIC 48″ Tripod and Pole Carry Case with Shoulder Strap




Transport and protect all your microphone stands, lighting poles, tripods and more with the heavy duty OUKMIC 48″ Tripod and Pole Carry Case. This spacious bag features a padded adjustable shoulder strap, reinforced handles, and a durable polyester exterior to keep your gear safe on the go.

Setting up an audio and lighting rig requires hauling a ton of easily damaged and awkwardly shaped poles, stands and accessories. Avoid damage during transit with the heavily padded OUKMIC carry case designed specifically for tripods, lighting stands, mic stands and more.

The roomy 48″ length and wide 10″ diameter provide capacity for up to 6 mic stands or 2 large speaker stands. The durable carry case keeps poles secure and prevents scratches, dents and other impacts.

Key Details

– 48″ long x 10″ wide x 4.75″ high
– Holds up to 6 mic stands or 2 speaker stands

– Polyester exterior
– Water resistant vinyl interior

Carry Options:
– Padded hand straps
– Adjustable 29.5″ – 52″ shoulder strap
– Over-the-shoulder sling strap

– Heavy duty double zipper across top

Other Features:
– Reinforced stitching
– Foldable storage
– Rigid body retains shape

Protects Stands from Damage

The thick padded walls protect delicate mic booms, plastic clips, and extending segments from taking a beating in transit. Without a carry case, stands are vulnerable to:

– Crushed clips and connectors
– Warped booms
– Bent metal segments
– Cracked plastic parts
– Scratched finish

The OUKMIC pole bag keeps stands separated and cushioned inside the vinyl interior. The rigid body retains its shape rather than flopping around loosely.

You’ll avoid spending time and money repairing or replacing damaged stands that weren’t properly protected.

Organized Transport

This carry case hauls multiple stands together in one easy load. The long bag evenly distributes weight and prevents unwieldy bundles of loose stands.

The tall design allows stands to be stored fully extended inside the case. No need to collapse stands each time.

Carry all your mic and lighting stands together without the clutter of loose bags and cases. The OUKMIC bag streamlines loading in and out of venues.

Hassle-Free Carrying

The tripod case features three carrying options to comfortably transport heavy stand loads:

Padded Hand Straps – Reinforced padded handles allow two hands to share the weight. Join both handles together with the Velcro strap for easier carrying.

Shoulder Strap – The 29.5″ – 52″ adjustable strap lets you carry the bag across your body over either shoulder. Distributes weight to make heavy loads feel lighter.

Sling Strap – Alternatively, use the shoulder strap to sling the bag across your back. Keeps your hands free for loading equipment.

The multiple straps prevent hand and shoulder strain, even when loaded down with stands, cables, and accessories.

Tough & Durable Materials

This heavy duty tripod bag is made to withstand frequent use and rough handling:

– Durable polyester exterior resists rips, scrapes and abrasions

– Water-resistant vinyl interior prevents moisture damage to stands

– Padded walls cushion stands from hard impacts

– Double stitching at stress points prevents seam failures

The bag retains its rigid shape when empty. Folds up compactly for storage when not holding stands.

Ideal Uses

The OUKMIC 48″ Tripod and Pole Carry Case is invaluable for:

– Mobile DJs transporting speaker stands
– Live bands carrying multiple mic stands
– Lighting techs with light stands and rigging
– Photographers with light stands and reflectors
– Videographers shooting on tripods
– Acoustic panels, tents and camping poles
– Transporting awkward fishing rods

Protect all the easy-to-damage poles, tripods, stands and accessories you rely on. Order the durable OUKMIC Tripod and Pole Carry Case today.


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