Orange Pedal Baby 100W Guitar Amp Bundle with Ernie Ball Cables and Tascam Headphones


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Ready to take your guitar playing to the next level? This bundle from Orange Amps gives you the versatile Pedal Baby 100W amp, Ernie Ball instrument cables, and Tascam studio headphones to practice, record, and perform like a pro. Known for its iconic British rock sound, Orange amps are a favorite of professional guitarists around the world.

Orange Pedal Baby 100W Guitar Amp

The Pedal Baby 100W amplifier delivers Orange’s renowned vintage tube tone in a transportable grab-and-go package. Weighing only 15 pounds, this mighty mini amp pumps 100 watts of pure analog power through a custom 10” speaker for arena-filling projection. Simple, portable, and loud, the Pedal Baby takes pedals and outside sound exceptionally well thanks to its responsive power amp circuit.

Famous for its rich, warm overdrive and signature British character, the Pedal Baby captures the spirit and vibe of Orange’s iconic amps. Its compact size makes it ideal for studio recording, bedroom practice sessions, and grab ‘n go gigs. Plug into the Pedal Baby 100W and experience legendary Orange tone!

Ernie Ball Instrument Cables

Every bundle includes three high-quality instrument cables from Ernie Ball, the leading manufacturer of cables, picks, straps, and accessories. Built for durability, these woven 1/4″ straight-to-right angle cables transmit your guitar’s signal to the amp with clarity and zero noise. With corrosion-resistant connections and conveniently angled ends, Ernie Ball cables are perfect for stage and studio use.

Tascam TH02 Closed-Back Headphones

The excellent Tascam TH02 headphones complete this recording-ready bundle. Closed-back circumaural cans with clean, accurate drivers, the TH02s are ideal for tracking guitars in home studios or amplifying your amp at lower volumes. Their noise isolating over-ear design blocks outside distractions for more immersive listening. Lightweight and comfortable with adjustable steel headband and swiveling ear cups, the TH02 delivers powerful sound for extended wear.

Take Your Playing to the Next Level

The Orange Pedal Baby 100W bundle has everything you need to elevate your guitar skills. Crank the legendary British overdrive of the Pedal Baby mini amp with Ernie Ball cables. Monitor through the TH02 studio ‘phones at lower volumes for drilling techniques. This powerful yet portable performance and practice rig will inspire your best guitar playing ever!

Orange Pedal Baby 100W Amp Features:

  • 100 watts of pure analog tube-style overdrive
  • Custom designed 10” speaker for incredible projection
  • Compact, portable design weighs only 15 lbs.
  • Responsive power amp circuit takes pedals and outside sounds excellently
  • Reliable and road-tough construction
  • Volume, gain, and tone controls shape signature Orange tone
  • Speaker simulated XLR DI output for recording
  • 8 ohm extension speaker output
  • Aux input for playing along with tracks

Ernie Ball Instrument Cable Benefits:

  • Legendary durability and noise-free performance
  • 1/4″ TS ends with molded strain relief
  • Right angle plug for stage/studio convenience
  • Ultra-flexible woven copper shield
  • Conductive PVC jacket for shield ground continuity
  • Corrosion resistant connectors transmit clear signal

Tascam TH02 Headphones Specs:

  • Closed-back over-ear design blocks out distractions
  • Lightweight circumaural cans for extended wear
  • Accurate 50mm neodymium drivers
  • Wide 15 – 22 kHz frequency response
  • Comfortable swiveling earcups
  • Adjustable steel headband
  • 9 foot straight cable with gold connectors

Elevate your guitar skills with this Orange Pedal Baby Amp bundle! It includes the legendary British overdrive Pedal Baby 100W mini amp, Ernie Ball cables, and Tascam headphones for practice, recording and gigs.


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