On-Stage GCE6000T Vintage Tweed Electric Guitar Hard Case


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Keep your prized electric guitar safe from harm on the road with the On-Stage GCE6000T Vintage Tweed Electric Guitar Hard Case. This rugged hardshell case provides serious protection with timeless tweed style.

The GCE6000T features a custom plush-lined interior molded precisely to the contours of most electric guitar body shapes, including Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, SG, and more. The soft interior cradles your guitar to prevent dings, cracks, and finish damage during transport and storage.

The molded neck support holds the entire neck securely while preventing pressure points that can warp the fingerboard over time. Your guitar will arrive at gigs in flawless condition despite rough handling.

The exterior is constructed from a durable plywood shell and covered in classic tweed vinyl. Tweed lends a vintage vibe reminiscent of classic guitar amps. The distressed brownish-green tweed is accented by vintage gold hardware including the lockable latch and vintage logo badge.

Reinforced piping surrounds the case for extra crush protection. The edges can handle being scraped along walls, stacked under other gear, and the other abuses of touring life. The plush interior provides cushioning while the rigid shell adds structural integrity.

Inside the storage compartment, you’ll find slots for picks, strings, capos, cables, and other small accessories. The compartment lid features a secret hidden storage area. Stash valuables out of sight from prying eyes.

The On-Stage GCE6000T gives you serious roadworthy protection with bonus vintage style. Keep your guitar safe on the go and arrive in style.

Key Features:

  • Custom plush interior lined case molded to fit electric guitars
  • Plywood shell with vintage tweed covering for durability and retro style
  • Reinforced piping protects edges from scrapes and scratches
  • Neck support prevents fingerboard warping during transport
  • Internal storage holds picks, strings, cables, capos, and small extras
  • Hidden compartment for concealed storage
  • Lockable chrome latches keep case securely closed

Protect Your Axe on the Go

Gigging guitarists know that instruments take a beating on the road. From restless drives in the back of cramped vans to careless baggage handlers, your guitar faces all kinds of threats before you even take the stage.

A quality hardshell case is essential to protect your livelihood from the perils of touring. The On-Stage GCE6000T safeguards your guitar with a rigid exterior shell and plush lined interior.

The plywood shell is stronger than chipboard or wood laminate used on cheaper cases. Plywood absorbs impacts and resists crushing when stacked under other heavy gear. The vintage tweed vinyl adds style while preventing scuffs and scrapes.

Inside, the soft interior is custom molded to fit the bodies of popular electric guitar models. The contours prevent your guitar from shifting around inside the case. Neck and headstock are cradled by molded supports.

Thick padding at pressure points defends against bumps, dings, and cracks – areas like the guitar’s top, back, and sides. The snug fit keeps vibrating strings from contacting the interior during transport, avoiding finish wear.

The On-Stage GCE6000T protects your tone machine from damage so you can focus on music instead of repairs. Guard your guitar investment on the road.

Vintage Tweed Style

Beyond rock-solid protection, the On-Stage GCE6000T is undeniably stylish. The tweed vinyl covering gives off a vintage vibe reminiscent of the golden era of rock n’ roll.

Tweed brings to mind the iconic Fender tweed guitar amps of the 1950s and 60s as played by legends like Buddy Holly, Neil Young, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and more. The brownish-green tweed looks sharp next to your Relic’d blonde Fender Tele.

All the hardware sports a matching gold finish, from the vintage logo badge to the locking chrome latches. Gold accent screws provide a hint of bling. The look says “vintage cool” rather than over-the-top modern flash.

The GCE6000T caps off your vintage guitar and amp rig. Pull up to a gig looking like you stepped out of a classic rockabilly gig poster. Protect your guitar in road-worn retro style with the On-Stage tweed hardshell case.

Engineered to Protect

Don’t let the vintage vibe fool you – the GCE6000T is engineered with cutting-edge materials to protect today’s guitars. The exterior plywood is bonded using modern adhesives that better withstand temperature shifts and stress.

Reinforced piping lines the edges so the case can handle scrapes, scuffs, and impacts during handling. The chrome latches lock down tightly and feature a gasket seal to keep dust and moisture out.

The plush interior is made from durable synthetic materials instead of cloth. It provides cushioning while resisting moisture, mildew, and disintegration over years of use.

The neck brace evenly distributes pressure along the neck to prevent warping. The bridge protector prevents the bridge from fracturing or popping off. Your guitar stays in top structural shape despite rough travel.

The On-Stage GCE6000T melds vintage style with modern engineering. Protect your guitar on the road or at home in timeless tweed.

Convenient Storage for Accessories

The storage compartment lets you keep essential small accessories right inside your guitar case. The lidded compartment features dedicated slots for picks, capos, cables, extra strings, straps, polish cloths, and tools. Everything in one place for quick access.

There’s also a hidden pull-out drawer concealed under the main compartment – your secret stash. Keep valuables like spare cash or keys out of sight but within reach.

The roomy compartment saves you from digging through gig bags or packing cubes searching for that capo before showtime. You’ll never have to borrow picks again. The concealed stash also provides peace of mind against theft.

With storage for all your gigging accessories, the On-Stage GCE6000T makes it easier to be stage-ready at a moment’s notice. Protect your guitar and gear in vintage style.


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