Odyssey CRS12 12 Space Carpeted Studio Rack – Sturdy and Stylish Gear Storage


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Studio musicians and audio engineers need gear storage that is both sturdy and stylish. The Odyssey CRS12 12 Space Carpeted Studio Rack offers both with its rugged plywood construction and plush carpeting. This versatile rack mount sports an angled front for easy viewing and access to your rack-mounted equipment.

Sturdy 3/4″ Plywood Construction

The CRS12 studio rack features a rugged 3/4″ plywood construction that provides stability and durability. The thick plywood ensures the rack won’t warp or twist even when loaded with heavy rackmount gear. The plywood build gives you peace of mind that your expensive equipment will be safe and secure inside this studio storage rack.

Plush Carpeting Protects Gear

The CRS12 is fully carpeted on the exterior sections. The soft carpeting protects your gear from scratches and scuffs during installation or transport. No need to worry about damaging the finish on your pricey rack gear with this thoughtful carpeted design. The textured black carpeting also gives the rack a sophisticated, professional look that feels at home in any studio or stage setting.

Angled Face for Easy Access

This Odyssey studio rack utilizes an angled rack face so you can easily see and access all your equipment. The angled front places the rack gear at the perfect viewing angle whether you are standing or sitting. Easily check settings, meters, and connections without straining your neck or crouching down. The angled face makes the CRS12 ideal as a mixer, processor, or synth rack.

Open Back Design

The Odyssey CRS12 12 space rack mount features an open back with no rear panel. Cables can be neatly run out the back of the rack while still keeping an uncluttered appearance from the front. The open design also allows for excellent ventilation to keep your rack-mounted gear running cool.

12U of Storage Space

This studio gear rack provides 12U of storage space for your 19″ rackmount equipment. Mount up to twelve single space rack units or a combination of larger processors, mixers, power amps, etc. The 12U height gives you flexibility in configuring the perfect rack setup for your studio workflow.

Secure Your Gear

The CRS12 rack features 12U of threaded rack rails running front to back. Mount your rack gear securely using the included rack screws. The sturdy steel rails keep your equipment safely installed inside the rack even when transporting the loaded rack to gigs or sessions.

Cabinet Dimensions

This carpeted equipment rack measures 25” in height, 21” wide, and has a depth of 13” at the top tapering to 16” at the bottom. The rack occupies a moderately compact footprint that fits well into home studios and project studios without consuming your entire control room. The angled rack face juts out slightly further at 25.75” total depth.

High Quality Construction

The Odyssey CRS12 12 space studio rack features quality construction and materials to protect your prized audio investments. The 3/4″ plywood build prevents flimsy rack movements that stress equipment and connections. The full carpeting looks great and prevents scratches. Round edges provide a finished look and safety. Durable textured paint protects the interior from wear and tear.

Tilt Back Legs

The CRS12 rack includes rear tilt back legs that angle the rack slightly for easier operation. Tilt the rack on the legs to aim the front easier to view and access. Collapse the legs flat for a vertical rack position. The tilt legs let you set the perfect viewing angle.

Ideal for Music Studios

This 12 space equipment rack works perfectly in music studios and project studios. Mount your audio interface, MIDI synth modules, signal processors, compressors, patch bays and more. Keep your studio gear organized, protected, and right at your fingertips. The angled design provides desktop placement or install in a standard 19″ rack.

Use Live on Stage

The rugged all-wood construction and carpeting make the CRS12 suitable for use on stage. Fill it with your rack effects, amp heads, crossovers, and processing gear. The carpeted Odyssey rack protects your investments from the rigors of live gigs. The angled front allows fast tweaks and adjustments even in dark settings. Tilt-back legs provide ideal viewing from a standing position.

Easy Transport

The Odyssey CRS12 makes transporting multiple pieces of rack gear easy. Load the studio rack up with the gear needed for a gig or remote recording session and go. The plywood construction and carpeting provide protection during transport while the rear rack rails and screws keep equipment safely installed in the rack. Collapse the tilt-back legs flat to save space when loading your gear.

Clean, Sophisticated Appearance

This 12 space studio rack looks fantastic loaded up with shiny rack gear. The black carpeting and rounded edges give a clean, sophisticated look that feels at home in any professional studio. The lack of a back panel provides ventilation while keeping cabling neatly tucked out of view.

Key Features:

  • 12U rackmount storage space
  • Durable 3/4″ plywood construction
  • Fully carpeted exterior protects gear
  • Angled face for easy access
  • Open back design for ventilation
  • 12U of threaded rack rails
  • Tilt back legs for angle adjustment
  • Dimensions: 25″ H x 21″ W x 13″-16″ D


For a sturdy, angled equipment rack that looks fantastic loaded up with gleaming audio gear, the Odyssey CRS12 12 Space Carpeted Studio Rack is an excellent choice. The rugged plywood build, plush carpeting, angled face, and tilt-back legs make this rack a versatile performer in the studio or on stage. Keep your gear organized, protected, and right at your fingertips with the Odyssey CRS12 studio rack!


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