MyVolts Replacement 5.7V Power Supply for Roland System-1 Synth


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Keep your Roland System-1 synthesizer powered up and ready to perform with this compatible replacement power supply from MyVolts. Custom designed for the System-1, it delivers reliable, efficient power in a compact and portable design.

Designed for the Roland System-1

This power adapter was engineered specifically for the Roland System-1 synthesizer. It outputs a regulated 5.7V DC voltage with the required amperage to meet the System-1’s power demands. The connector tip is sized to fit the System-1’s power input jack securely for a stable connection.

Plug and Play Performance

Just plug this power supply into your System-1 and a AC wall outlet to power up your synth for stage and studio use. No extra cables or adapters needed! The attached 6 foot cable gives you flexibility in placement while performing or recording. The compact adapter case is perfect for transport in your gear bag.

Safe, Efficient Power Delivery

This replacement power supply features integrated safety technologies to protect your System-1 synth. Overload, overvoltage, and short circuit protection help safeguard your synth from potentially hazardous power surges and spikes. Energy efficiency reduces power consumption to help lower your energy bill and environmental impact.

High Quality Components for Reliable Performance

Only top quality electronic components are used to ensure stable power delivery show after show. Rigorous safety testing confirms the adapter meets international safety and performance standards. The durable build quality stands up to life on the road.

Compatibility You Can Count On

While similar in appearance to the original adapter, many replacement power supplies lack the exact specifications required by the System-1, resulting in instability, lackluster performance, or even damage. With MyVolts, you get a adapter engineered for flawless compatibility and safety.

No Buzz, No Fuss

Some inferior power adapters emit an annoying buzzing sound when plugged in. This adapter utilizes premium noise filtering technology to eliminate irritating buzzing and humming, letting your audience hear only your music, not your power supply.

Stop Searching, Start Playing

Finding a genuine Roland replacement adapter can be difficult and expensive. This adapter lets you stop searching and get back to playing your System-1. Get reliable, safe power without paying premium brand name prices. Never miss a gig or recording session because of a lost or broken power supply again!

Power up your creativity with the MyVolts replacement power adapter for the Roland System-1 synthesizer. Designed for flawless compatibility and steady performance, it will keep you playing beat after beat, set after set.


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