MyVolts 9V AC Adapter for Roland RS-5 Synthesizer – Replacement Power Supply with US Plug




Keep your Roland RS-5 performing flawlessly with this replacement 9V power adapter designed for the RS-5 synth. Manufactured by MyVolts, this high-quality power cord provides reliable power and seamless compatibility with your instrument.

Made for the Roland RS-5 Synthesizer

Engineered to meet the exact specifications of the original RS-5 power supply, this adapter delivers 9V DC voltage with ample current for proper operation of your synth. The connector tip is sized to fit the power input of the RS-5 perfectly for a secure connection.

Replaces the Roland RS-5 Power Supply

If your original AC adapter for the Roland RS-5 is lost, broken or worn out, this MyVolts product is the ideal replacement. It is compatible with the Roland power cord provided with the RS-5, so you can use it without hassles or interruptions.

Premium Engineering for Reliable Performance

Built using top-grade components and careful construction, this power supply is made to last. The tough cord and connectors withstand normal handling during use so you can always plug in with confidence. Internal fuses and circuits protect against power fluctuations and short circuits.

Full Certification for Electrical Safety

Fully approved by US safety standards, this power adapter bears the mark of trusted testing organizations like UL, FCC, and RoHS. Rigorous certification ensures it meets all legal and quality requirements for safe, reliable operation of your musical gear.

Standard US 2-pin Plug Fits Wall Outlets

The attached US plug features two parallel flat blades to match standard 120V 60Hz AC power outlets in the United States and regions that use the same socket type. Just insert it into any compatible socket and power your RS-5 without an adapter.

High Efficiency Saves Electricity

Designed for optimal efficiency, this replacement AC power adapter converts household 120V AC down to 9V DC at over 80% efficiency. Less wasted energy means it runs cooler while saving on your electricity costs.

MyVolts Quality You Can Trust

With over 20 years of experience in power adapter manufacturing, MyVolts is a proven leader in replacement power products. Their expertise in engineering high-quality power supplies makes this the best choice for your RS-5.

Built-in Protection Keeps Your Gear Safe

Featuring the latest advancements in safety engineering, this power adapter has multiple levels of protection:

  • Overload protection disables the output if too much current is detected.
  • Overvoltage protection shuts off power if the voltage rises too high.
  • Short circuit protection immediately cuts the power if a short is sensed.

These smart features prevent damage to your valuable RS-5 synthesizer from unexpected power events.

Always Have the Power You Need

Make sure your synth keeps performing anywhere you go with this replacement 9V AC adapter for Roland RS-5. The advanced engineering provides the precise power output and seamless compatibility your RS-5 requires. Safety tested and certified, you can trust it to power your synth securely. Get the highest quality power for your Roland RS-5 at the best price online!


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