MXR M108S 10 Band EQ Pedal Bundle with Cables and Tuner – Shape Your Sound with Precision


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Take complete control over your tone with the MXR M108S 10 Band EQ Pedal. This powerful equalizer pedal allows you to cut or boost 10 different frequencies from ±12dB, giving you the tools to shape your sound exactly how you want it. Paired with high visibility LEDs, 18V operation for increased headroom, and dual outputs, the M108S EQ offers unmatched tone-sculpting capabilities.

Precisely Sculpt Your Tone

The M108S EQ pedal features 10 bands at all the crucial frequency centers – 63Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 8kHz, and 16kHz. Cut or boost each frequency band up to ±12dB to target problem frequencies or highlight desirable tones. Want more bass punch? Boost 63Hz and 125Hz. Need to tame ice pick highs? Cut 8kHz and 16kHz. The possibilities are endless.

LEDs at each frequency band ensure you can precisely set your levels, even in bright stage lighting. The enhanced 18V power supply delivers increased headroom for clean EQ boosts and cuts. Two separate outputs enable you to send your dry signal to one amp and your EQ’d signal to another. Essentially giving you two distinct tones from one pedal.

Refine Your Sound For Any Application

The M108S is a highly versatile pedal suitable for all styles of music and all types of instruments.

Guitarists – Fatten up your leads with low-end boosts. Add bite to solos by accentuating the attack. Get rid of muddy tones by cutting mids. The M108S allows you to zone in on the exact frequencies you need.

Bassists – Dial in the perfect low-end and clip unwanted string noise. Boost your attack for slap bass. Cut boomy resonant frequencies. EQ your bass for the ideal mix of lows, mids, and highs.

Keyboard Players – Shape vintage electric piano and organ tones. Dial in the right amount of bite on synth patches. Make acoustic piano sound warm and woody. Reduce honky mids as needed.

Vocalists – Reduce plosives and sibilance in problem areas of your voice. Add clarity to your words. De-essing becomes easy with the M108S.

Take Control Of Your Tone On Stage Or In The Studio

The M108S 10 Band EQ gives you the tools to craft and control your sound in any musical application. On stage, easily adjust your live tone to suit different venues, instruments, and PA systems. In the studio, meticulously sculpt direct instrument tones and fix problem tracks with surgical precision during mixing.

This bundle comes complete with everything you need to integrate the M108S into your rig:

MXR M108S 10 Band EQ Pedal – Offers ±12dB cut/boost at 10 optimized frequency centers with LED metering

2 Instrument Cables – 20 foot guitar cables for hooking up your instruments

2 Patch Cables – 18 inch patch cables for connecting pedals

Clip-On Tuner – Convenient tuner attaches to your headstock for fast tuning

With the M108S 10 Band EQ, cables, and tuner, you’ll have full control over your tone and can sound your very best anywhere your music takes you.

Order the MXR M108S 10 Band EQ Pedal Bundle now and start shaping your sound with surgical precision!


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