MTUERANC 1.5ft Speaker Splitter Cable – Speakon 1 Male to 2 Female Adapter for Seamless Audio Connections


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Get the most out of your professional audio gear with this heavy-duty speakON 1-male to 2-female Y splitter adapter cable by MTUERANC. Featuring Speakon’s trusted twist-lock connector ends for secure, hum-free signal transfer.

Reliably Split an Audio Signal to 2 Speakers or Cabinets

This speakON splitter allows you to connect one speaker output to two separate passive speaker cabinets or powered monitors. Use it to bi-amp your speakers or easily add a second monitor to your DJ setup.

Speakon’s Twist Lock Connector Design Prevents Signal Loss

The Speakon connectors positively lock in place to ensure your audio signal passes through without loss or disruption. No more frustrating disconnections or crackling sounds during performances or recording sessions.

Durable, Flexible Rubber Jacket for Enhanced Protection

A rugged rubber exterior jacket makes this Speakon patch cable highly flexible while protecting the internal wiring. It stands up to rigorous use during gigs without cracking or fraying.

Oxygen-Free Copper Wiring for Pure Audio Reproduction

The oxygen-free copper conductors inside the Speakon cables reproduce your music’s true dynamics and clarity. You’ll hear all the nuances of your mix coming through the speakers.

Compact 1.5 ft. Length Suits Most Applications

At just 1.5 feet long, this Y-cable adapter allows you to branch your signal to two powered speaker cabinets or monitors without creating clutter. Provides just enough length for convenient access.

Serious Audio Performance for Less

This affordable Speakon splitter integrates seamlessly with professional sound systems, delivering the features you need for gigs and recordings at a fraction of the cost of brand-name cables.


– Length: 1.5 feet
– Connectors: Speakon 1-male to 2-female
– Jacket: Rubber
– Wire: Oxygen-free copper
– Max Power: 2400W
– Voltage: 125V

Take your PA system to the next level and preventaudio disruptions with the MTUERANC 1.5ft Speakon male to dual female Y cable. Order today and branch your sound hassle-free!


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