Morley Hum Exterminator Ground Loop Isolator


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Unwanted hum driving you crazy? The Morley Hum Exterminator is here to banish those irksome noises for good. This ingenious device targets and eliminates ground loop hum, providing sweet sonic relief.

Designed specifically to combat the scourge of ground loop hum, the Hum Exterminator features specialized circuitry that goes right to the source. Just connect it to the power cable of any suspect gear, and presto! Annoying hum and buzz sounds are neutralized.

Stop Cringing, Start Rocking

Ground loop hum can turn your prized rig into a tone vampire, sucking the life out of your sound. Even a little 60 cycle hum is enough to detract from your guitar, bass, keys or vocals. It muddies up the mix and distracts from your stellar performance.

The Morley Hum Exterminator slays those pesky hum gremlins allowing your gear to operate at full tonal glory. It works by breaking the troublesome ground loop, while maintaining proper electrical safety. Suddenly everything sounds tighter, clearer and more present.

Gone is the annoying AC hum, replaced only by sweet musical tones. You can finally max out your amp or pedals without wincing from unwanted noise. The Hum Exterminator allows your gear to sound its very best, so you can focus on expressing your musical vision.

Simple and Effective

Eliminating ground loop hum doesn’t need to be complicated or require rewiring your rig. Just connect the Morley Hum Exterminator to the power cable of any suspect gear, and let its advanced circuitry work its magic.

No more dealing with hum-inducing ground loops between connected components like amps, pedalboards and audio interfaces. This ingenious filter blocks noise-producing ground current while maintaining essential equipment safety.

With a quick and easy install, the Hum Exterminator offers immediate sonic benefits. Your tone will be tighter, clearer and free of any power-related noise. Its optimized design specifically targets ground loop hum without altering tone or dynamics.

Just plug in and enjoy the silence, as your rig springs to life, no longer shackled by hum. The Morley Hum Exterminator is your fast-acting remedy for achieving noise-free nirvana.

Stay Grounded Safely

Ground loops that produce hum occur when connected audio components have different ground potentials. This creates currents in the ground that induce those aggravating 60 cycle hums.

Simply disconnecting ground connections is NOT the proper solution, as this eliminates safety and increases noise in other ways. The Morley Hum Exterminator uses specialized circuitry to break ground loops while maintaining proper ground connectivity.

This keeps your gear properly grounded and safe, while stopping any current flowing through ground that causes hum. You get zero hum along with full electrical protection when using the Hum Exterminator.

Unlike a ground lift adaptor which totally disconnects ground, the Hum Exterminator filters selectively to block only noise-producing ground currents. Quiet, safe performance in one convenient device.

Pure Sounds for Guitar, Bass and More

Wherever noisy ground loops rear their ugly heads, the Morley Hum Exterminator can cure them. Use it anywhere between your guitar and amp, or bass and amp rig.

Easily subdue hum from pedalboards, rack effects, preamps, audio interfaces and any other connected studio or live sound gear. This powerful hum eliminator is also great for home stereo systems and hardware synth rigs.

For guitarists, bassists and all musicians, the Morley Hum Exterminator removes barriers standing between you and the perfect tone. Experience the clarity and richness your gear was meant to produce and focus on the sounds that matter most – your music.

Take back control over your carefully crafted rig. Don’t let ground loop gremlins ruin your hard work and creativity. The Morley Hum Exterminator is your best friend for achieving clean, noiseless tone.

Technical Specs:

  • Designed specifically for eliminating ground loop hum
  • Places inline on power cable of offending device
  • Maintains proper electrical grounding for safety
  • Filters noise-producing ground currents only
  • Fast install and instant improvement in audio quality
  • Ideal for guitar, bass, studio and stereo rigs

Don’t settle for hum-laden tones any longer. With the Morley Hum Exterminator Ground Loop Isolator, you can finally achieve a pure signal path and noiseless sound. Order today and start experiencing your gear as it was truly meant to be heard!


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