MOOER R7 Reverb – 7 Versatile Reverb Types in a Stompbox


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Experience the magic of reverb with the MOOER R7, featuring 7 different reverb types to suit any musical need. From the expansive halls of a cathedral to the tight reflections of a recording studio, this compact pedal packs a wealth of premium reverb effects. Shape your ambience with adjustable decay times and tone-sculpting EQ for rich, dimensional reverbs.

7 Types of Natural and Lush Reverb

At the heart of the R7 lie 7 distinct reverb algorithms:

Room – Warm and lively reverb that emulates a small enclosed space. Adds a touch of ambience while retaining clarity.

Hall – Sprawling, smooth reverb with prolonged decays, perfect for solo passages.

Church – Immense, sanctified reverb with complex early reflections. Lets your guitar or keyboard swell endlessly.

Cave – Otherworldly reverb with dense clusters of echoes. Surreal and atmospheric.

Plate – Classic studio reverb with bright tones. Snappy and shimmering trails.

Spring – Vintage spring reverb recreation for old school amp-style effects.

Mod – Lush reverb with modulated pitch modulation. Chorus-like warbling effect.

Each algoritihm shines in its own unique way, providing a diverse palette of reverbs. Dial in everything from subtle ambience to cavernous spaces that decay for days. The R7 delivers rich, high-quality reverb from its compact stompbox chassis.

Shape Your Reverb Tone

Tailor the sound of the R7’s reverbs using the onboard EQ and cutoff filters. Low and high cut knobs allow you to filter out unwanted frequencies for a smoother reverb tone. Boost or attenuate the lows and highs to suit your music.

The Decay knob adjusts the length of the reverb trail. Crank it for extended ambient effects or lower for more immediate reflections. The Mix control blends the wet reverb with your dry guitar or keyboard sound.

You can also switch the R7 between standard bypass mode and “Trail On”. This handy option lets the reverb trail ring out naturally when you switch the pedal off. Your lingering ambience won’t get cut off abruptly.

Save Your Favorite Reverb Settings

Dialing in the perfect reverb tone is easy with the R7 thanks to the 3 onboard preset slots. Simply tweak the knobs to craft your ideal reverb sound then save it in a preset. Recall it instantly with the tap of switch.

The edit knobs let you quickly modify the parameters of the selected preset. Make live adjustments on the fly without having to menu dive.

A Multitude of Reverb in a Stompbox

The MOOER R7 Reverb packs a cavernous amount of ambience into a compact, pedalboard-friendly unit. No longer do you need a bulky rack unit or multi-effects processor to get pro-level reverbs. This stompbox puts studio-quality algorithms, EQ shaping, and useful features like Trail On into an pedal that takes up barely any space.

Why Guitarists Love the MOOER R7 Reverb

  • Adds ambience and depth to your guitar tone. Make your solos sing with hall and plate reverbs.
  • Gorgeous modulated reverb for post-rock and ambient playing. Lush textures.
  • Cavernous reverbs for atmospheric lead lines. Make your guitar soar and swell.
  • Vintage spring reverb for old school surf and rockabilly styles.
  • Tightens up funk rhythm parts with subtle room reverb.

Why Keyboard Players Choose the R7

  • Massive cathedral and cave reverbs let your synth or electric piano notes sustain for days.
  • Organ modes benefit from classic spring reverb. Add vintage vibe.
  • Choir and pad sounds become breathtaking with long hall and church reverbs.
  • Pianos come alive with the natural ambience of room and plate reverbs.
  • Make your keyboard arrangements deeper and more complex.

Any instrument from guitar to keyboards to vocals can benefit from the R7’s stellar reverbs. This compact pedal saves precious pedalboard space without sacrificing reverb quality and versatility. The easy interface provides quick access to a plethora of professional studio-grade reverb effects.

Elevate your music with the expansive ambience of the MOOER R7 Reverb today!


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