MOOER Candy Footswitch Toppers – 10 Colorful Pedal Toppers for Guitar Effects Pedals (10 Pack)


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Make your effect pedals pop and stand out on your pedalboard with MOOER Candy Footswitch Toppers! This 10 pack contains 10 different bright colors to customize and color code your guitar pedals.

Colorful Pedalboard Upgrade

MOOER Candy Footswitch Toppers slide onto your existing footswitches to add a punch of color. Choose a different color for each pedal to easily locate effects in low light situations on stage. Or use the same color for pedals that work together, like overdrive and fuzz boxes.

The candy colors also give your pedalboard a fun, customized look. With options like bright yellow, neon green, bold red, royal purple and more, your plain old pedals will now stand out with vibrant style.

Perfect Fit for Any Pedal

MOOER Footswitch Toppers are designed to fit standard footswitch types from leading brands like Boss, MXR, TC Electronic, Electro-Harmonix and more. The flexible rubber-like material stretches to grip most square and rounded footswitch caps securely.

Installation takes just seconds – simply stretch the Footswitch Topper over your existing switch cap and it snaps into place, no tools or adhesives needed. Yet the grip is tight enough to stay firmly on during stomping action.

Enhanced Footswitch Target

The extra-large Candy Footswitch Toppers cover the entire switch so you can’t miss. The oversized design provides more surface area for your foot, reducing slips and improving pedal precision on dark stages.

The tall dome shape makes the footswitch an easy target to hit. You’ll always know exactly where to stomp, even with heavy distortion or while looking elsewhere. Accidentally hitting the wrong pedal becomes a thing of the past.

Pedalboard Protection

The soft rubber Footswitch Toppers cushion foot impacts versus hard metal or plastic switches. This helps protect pedals from damage over time, keeping switches and circuit boards safe during vigorous stomping.

And the flexible material absorbs vibration and noise for a quieter pedalboard. Reduce clanking and ringing while stomping multiple pedals in a row.

Customize Your Sound

Take your pedalboard to the next level with MOOER’s Candy Footswitch Toppers. The 10 pack provides a rainbow of color options to assign different effects. Plus the oversized design enhances pedal precision and protection.

Jazz up ordinary pedals and make them stand out on stage or in the studio. Turn a basic pedalboard into a customized and colorful tone machine!


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