Milisten 5pcs Metal Lyres – Convenient Sheet Music Holders for Brass Instruments


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Marching in harmony takes teamwork. Keep your brass section in sync with Milisten sheet music lyres. These sturdy clamps attach securely to trumpets, trombones, saxophones, French horns and more, allowing musicians to view sheet music hands-free.

American Plating for Durability

Constructed from premium steel with an aluminum alloy clasp, these lyres withstand outdoor marching conditions. The American plating ensures durability throughout seasons of use. The clasp opens a full 180° to accommodate instruments of all sizes.

Practical Design for Optimal Viewing

The intelligently designed lyre positions sheet music upright and aligned with the instrument valves for easy viewing. This prevents neck strain from constantly looking down at sheets. The folder stays securely clamped even during active marching. Flip pages easily while playing.

Lightweight and Low Profile

These lyres weigh just 3.2 ounces each, so they don’t burden musicians by adding excess weight. The slim profile doesn’t obstruct hand movements when pressing valves or keys. Students can keep their focus on playing properly.

360° Adjustability for Proper Placement

The clasp adjusts a full 360° around tubing to position the music folder for optimal visibility. Point the lyre upward, straight ahead orflipped underneath as needed. You can fine tune the placement for your instrument and height.

Holds Up to 10 Sheets of Music

The folder holds up to 10 pages of thin sheet music securely in place without slipping. Sturdy metal corners reinforce the music pocket. Flip pages with just one hand so you don’t miss a beat.

Versatile Uses

In addition to marching bands, these lyres assist students in practice and recitals. Music teachers can demonstrate lessons more easily. Orchestral brass players appreciate hands-free sheet music. Use them for gigging, conventions or anywhere convenient music access is needed.

Premium Materials for Any Weather

These all-metal lyres hold up well to sunlight, rain and wind. Don’t worry about warped folders, torn pages or broken plastic parts. The durable steel construction withstands outdoor marching seasons even in hot or cold climates.

Secure Clamp Won’t Slip or Scratch

Soft rubber cushions protect lacquered finishes from scratches. Two adjustable knobs allow you to tighten the grip securely on any size tubing. The rubber-lined clasp prevents slipping even when actively marching and maneuvering instruments.

Keeps Music Organized

The folder stores sheet music neatly together. Ten pages fit inside with room to easily flip through them. With your music organized in one spot, you spend less time searching for stray pages that blew away.

Enhances Performances

This hands-free lyre helps marching musicians stay on cue with the rest of the band. With music constantly in sight, you can focus on playing accurately. Perform complicated field arrangements with greater confidence and cohesion.

Keep your marching band’s brass section in sync with Milisten sheet music lyres. Order a 5-pack today to keep the beat!


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