MCSPER Right Angle Instrument Cables – 10ft Braided Guitar Patch Cords (2 Pack)


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Experience premium sound quality with the MCSPER 10ft right angle instrument cables. The 1/4 inch TRS patch cords feature 24k gold-plated connectors and a durable braided nylon exterior to provide exceptional noise-free signal transfer for guitars, keyboards, amps, pedals, and more.

Superior Construction for Optimal Audio Performance

Constructed using high-grade copper cores and gold-plated plugs, these instrument cables deliver clear, balanced stereo sound with minimal loss. The durable metal housing and woven nylon jacket prevent interference and withstand over 15,000 bends.

Ideal 90 Degree Angle for Space-Saving Setup

The right-angled male connectors take up less space than straight cables, preventing messy tangling and damage. Plug in tight spaces conveniently while maintaining organized signal chains.

Universal Compatibility for All Your Equipment

Equipped with 1/4 inch TRS end, these patch cords seamlessly connect guitars, basses, keyboards, pedalboards, amplifiers, PA mixers, speakers, recording interfaces, and more.

Premium Features

– 24k Gold-Plated plugs for corrosion resistance
– Flexible, kink-resistant PVC jacket
– Braided nylon exterior for durability
– Stereo TRS for balanced signal
– 10ft length gives you room to move

Reliable Cables for Every Musician

For home recording, live gigs, studio sessions, or practice, these right angle instrument cables ensure your equipment performs at its best. The set of 2 provides spares for stage, studio, and home use.

Experience professional-level audio clarity with the premium build and connectivity of MCSPER’s gold TRS instrument cables. Order the 10ft braided patch cord 2-pack today!


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