Marshall BluesBreaker Guitar Overdrive/Distortion Pedal


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For over 50 years, Marshall has defined the sound of rock. Their amps powered the British invasion and still today remain the gold standard for iconic guitar tone. Now you can add that same fiery Marshall tone to your pedalboard with the Marshall BluesBreaker overdrive/distortion pedal.

This pedal packs the versatile gain stages of the classic Marshall Bluesbreaker amp into a compact, pedalboard-friendly stompbox. It gives you warm, responsive overdrive at lower gain settings and heavy, sustaining distortion when cranked up. The Marshall mojo is all there – from syrupy blues leads to aggressive hard rock rhythms.

Product Features:

  • Official Marshall pedal with classic amp overdrive tone
  • Gain knob controls amount of overdrive
  • Volume knob adjusts overall output level
  • Tone knob shapes treble response
  • Red LED indicates effect is active
  • Responsive, amp-like dynamic feel
  • Runs on 9V battery or power adapter
  • Road-ready metal casing

The heart of this pedal is its Gain knob, which lets you dial in anything from subtle breakup to full-on distortion. Lower settings warm up clean tones with just a touch of organic grit and sustain. As you turn the Gain higher, you’ll achieve singing tube amp-style lead tones. Fully cranked, it provides fast, saturated distortion perfect for hard rock riffing.

The Volume control lets you boost the overall output level to match your bypassed tone or drive your amp harder. And the Tone knob provides EQ shaping to optimize the pedal for any guitar and rig. At noon it’s balanced, while turning counterclockwise cuts treble for a smoother, darker sound.

Thanks to its natural dynamic response, this pedal cleans up beautifully as you lower your guitar volume. It captures the interactive feel of a cranked Marshall tube amp, allowing you to control the amount of overdrive with your playing dynamics.

The BluesBreaker looks right at home on any pedalboard alongside vintage Marshall amps like the JTM45 and 1959SLP. The iconic Marshall script logo even lights up when engaged, thanks to the glowing red LED. Road-ready construction ensures it will stand up to life on the road.

Whether you’re a diehard Marshall fan or simply want versatile vintage overdrive tones, the Marshall BluesBreaker belongs on your board. Bring a touch of rock history to your rig with the pedal that packs iconic Marshall crunch into a stompbox!

Customer Reviews

“I’ve relied on Marshall amps to craft my tone for decades. This pedal nails those classic Marshall sounds in a stompbox – crisp cleans, sweet bluesy breakup, and full-on metal distortion. The tone shaping options give you a lot of control. It takes me back to my early days plugging into the Plexi!”

– Adrian S. (verified owner)

“I wanted some transparent gain to push my Fender amp into breakup, and this Marshall pedal delivered exactly what I was looking for. It tightens up the lows and adds this warm, magical tone at lower gain settings. Makes my Strat really sing. Works great as an always-on pedal too. The construction seems very solid.”

– Taylor R. (verified owner)

“I wasn’t sure how a pedal could capture the mojo of a Marshall stack, but the BluesBreaker pulls it off amazingly well. From Hendrixy fuzz to Metallica metal and everything in between, this thing just sounds huge. The tone shaping knob is so useful – I can go from scooped and aggressive to warm and mid-focused. An instant favorite on my pedalboard!”

– Brandon K. (verified owner)

Bring a touch of rock history to your pedalboard with the Marshall BluesBreaker overdrive distortion pedal. With its authentic Marshall tone and responsiveness, this versatile stompbox will become a go-to for blues leads, classic rock and metal. Get iconic Marshall crunch in a pedal today!


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